15 Home Based Part Time Jobs for College Students in 2018

Are you looking Home based part time jobs for college students? If yes then this is the right place for you. Even, if you are not a student but passionate about making money in pajamas without affecting your jobs then also it works.

In this post, I’ll show you the best legit online jobs to make money online without investment. Make sure you are ready to start today and earn passive income online.

Part Time Jobs for College Students

10 Part-time jobs for college students!

Finding real working method is hard because the internet is an ocean where people make fake promises and you get into the trap. So, one request to you, If you want rich overnight then it’s not for you. Every real and system method of earning or business takes time with a dedication to performing tasks on regular basis. 10 part-time jobs for college students that you can do while studying and when you see growth then you can continue full time.

  1. Click ads and get paid:

You can say this is the very easiest method to start making money online for beginners. Only you have to sign up for high paying PTC sites where you can earn by clicking on ads to get paid. As you know, There are tons of website launch every day but I’ll suggest you join genuine and paying for a long time. You can find my favorite PTC sites here and join all today and take a step towards online earning journey. This is the best suitable part-time jobs for college students where earn money by clicking on ads.

2. Online Surveys Jobs:

Online surveys jobs are also super easy methods where you can earn by simply answering. You have to choose one answer from four given option for every question that asked in surveys. Surveys are basically to identify the taste about products and services of specific businesses. This is also part-time jobs for college students that you can do in your free time and make money without any investment.  You can find the list of online surveys jobs from home here and join all sites to earn money online. It’s free to join.

3. Content writing Jobs:

Content writing is one of the best methods if you love writing. You can find freelancing content writing jobs on popular sites like Indeed, Quikr, and earn high wages in working part-time. Apart from that you also search on LinkedIn where the various business owner or writing agencies are hiring freelancers.

In short, you can join Freelancing sites for content writing that suits you. For other Passive income ideas to start making money that you should also try if you want sustainable income for a long time. Just need to start and will see grow fast.

4. Blogging:

Blogging is a long-term process where no limit of earning. I know some of the bloggers who are earning from 30,00-1,00,000$ per month from their blog. If you are thinking it’s easy, you are wrong because in blogging you have to put a lot of effort with continuous dedication. This is also a Part Time Jobs for College Students.

Here is PattFlynn’s income report where he makes over 1,00,000$ or more just from blogging each month. This is just for motivation that’s the power of blogging.

5. Affiliate Marketing:

If you want quick money then you can become affiliates and earn a high commission on selling products and services. The potential of affiliate marketing is huge nowadays. There are thousands of networks that you can join but focus on what can you sell. Some popular affiliate networks are CJ, Shareasale, Rakuten, Clickbank, and JVzoo etc.

For making money from affiliate marketing you have to promote either through a blog or social media and paid traffic source. Each sale you will get 50-75% commission depending on products. This is again part-time jobs for college students that you can do while studying. You have to spend 1-2 hours daily to make passive income online.

6. Captcha Entry Jobs:

In captcha entry, you have to type the character as shown in the image. Captcha entry jobs

You already know about captcha we usually fill captcha at the time of logging or joining the site. There are many high paying captcha entry jobs that you can join and earn 1$-3$ for 1000 captcha solving. Simply join and do work in spare time and get paid. This is very easy ways to earn money that are suitable for part-time jobs for college students. If you have good typing speed then you easily make 50-100$ per month.

7. Data entry jobs:

For a part-time job seeker, data entry are also a great option to make money online. If you are good at typing then you can apply here for data entry jobs and earn handsome income every month. Finding a job is a very messy task for people they have skills but not able to get jobs. Just focus on writing and typing skills then you can easily get jobs on Indeed, Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer.

8. CPA marketing:

CPA marketing is now becoming famous because earning potential is huge. To get started CPA(cost per action) that describes that companies pay you for generating leads for them. If you are interested in CPA marketing then you can join the best networks like Maxbounty, Peerfly, Vcommission, WarriorPlus, admitad etc.

After joining and get approved then you can promote their offer to the target country. If your traffic converts into leads you will earn commission depending on offer that will be mentioned in your offer panel. This way you can earn more money. By the way, it’s free to join. As much you land traffic on your products links(tracking link) the chances of getting high for leads. That’s the pretty easy methods to work in part-time.

9. MLM Business:

MLM stands for Multi-Level-Marketing which means building a team from top to bottom and sell the services offered by companies and get a commission from downline. To start MLM, be careful while choosing a company, products, services and their income plan because it’s a basic step that you should take care. There are a lot of MLM opened every day and shared on Facebook to make people fool. So, be aware of that.

Some of the best MLM companies Amway, Digital altitude, wealthy affiliates etc. You can join these companies if you don’t want to see any scam in future.

10. Sell Products:

As you know, selling products on Amazon, Flipkart, PayTm, eBay is now a profitable business. You have to create a seller profile on these e-commerce sites. After creating a profile you can purchase products at a wholesale price near market or list that products with margin. You will start receiving order and make a good profit by selling.

11. Sell an Ebook:

If you know something about that people might be interested just write it. Ebook is basically a PDF format digital book of information with multimedia supportable. You can write minimum 15 pages and then list on Instamojo, Amazon, eBay etc to sell your ebook. This is a very effective method to make some good money if you can write and share your perspective in that ebook.

12. Become an online tutor:

Are you expert or have experience on any topic or related that you can explain or teach people. If you have then become an online tutor is also a good scope for earning. There are many places where you can upload tutorials like Udemy, Tutor, Tutor India etc.

Read also: Udemy Free Course: Get Free Online courses with Certificate

13. Sell gigs on Fiverr:

Fiverr is the largest marketplace where you can sell anything at just 5$ or more. It might be anything like any services that you can provide based on your experience or expertise. People are earning thousands of dollar per months from Fiverr, Why not you?. First, visit on Fiverr and see what people are selling or what you can. Simply create a professional seller and mention what are you offering or providing. People will start finding you and giving you order and make money in part-time.

14. Earn from YouTube:

Why not you tried YouTube? YouTube is a popular medium where you watch and channel owner earns passive income. If you have good or creative skills then YouTube can be best for you. Create your channel which is completely free and start uploading videos on a regular interval to Earn money from YouTube. When your channel starts growing or getting views then you can monetize and start earning. Just give it a try today and hope you will succeed. Read here How to Start a YouTube Channel

15. Become consultant:

Consulting business is best if you can provide or help people from your experience. It can be anything like a digital marketing consultant, business consultant, Trainer etc. You need to build an audience for with whom you can provide training through Facebook groups or Skype, Facebook password sniper and charge them for your services.

Final words:

It depends on you whatever you choose from above 15 home based part time jobs for college students 2018 list. Just try to focus on one at a time and build your network to get more versatility. After a certain point, you will become an expert and people will start showing interest in you or your services and also they will hire you. You can do any from the above list of online Jobs for College Students which are suitable.

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