Best 10 High Paying Captcha Entry Jobs Sites in 2018

Are you finding the free & genuine method to earn money online? Here, I’m going to show here Top 10 High paying Captcha entry jobs without investment in India.

If you can spend few hours a day and have good typing speed then definitely you are going to make quick cash here. It is an online job that you can do in part-time.

I’m sure, you have seen such option where you are trying to log in or signup on sites they ask you to solve the captcha and you fill it. Am I right or not but have you ever thought why they are asking for you to do that. It’s because they want to check are you a human or robot. When you do such things company earn from you then why don’t you earn by yourself. So, Here I’ll tell you 10 sites where you can earn by solving captchas.

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What is Captcha?

Captcha stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” Which means They give you challenges in form of alphanumeric code to test whether you are human or not. It is discovered by  Luis von AhnManuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper, and John Langford. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

As you can see an example of captcha below:

captcha entry jobs

Top 10 Free Captcha Entry Jobs Sites.

Here, I’ll showcase 10 best free captcha entry jobs sites where you can signup free and make every months 200 bucks easily working in part-time. Most of these Captcha sites pay up to $2-5$ for solving every 1000 captcha. You can say this is a type of data entry works where you type or fill those captchas in a given time duration.

After reaching minimum you can simply withdraw your payments in Paypal. Later I’ll tell how to create and verify Paypal whether you are from India or somewhere else.

So, now first know the names of those 10 captcha entry sites.

  1. 2captcha

2captcha is one of the best captcha entry jobs sites where you can earn up to 3$ for solving every 1000 captchas. They claim that their captcha loading is very fast.

If you want to get paid by typing captcha then join 2captcha

Key features:

  • You can join free
  • Minimum payment starts from 0.50$
  • Payment methods are Paypal or Payza
  • Good referral commission
  • It accepts worldwide members
  • You can work 24/7 clock a day.

Tips: Don’t try to create a fake account or violate their term of use will ban you. They have banned more than 66k members till date. So, don’t use VPN while creating an account. You can easily make 50-100$ every month from it.

2. Megatypers:

This is 2nd rank in my list because their earning plan is good for you. They pay up to 0.40$ to 1$ for solving 1000 captcha. They claim that average typers earn 100-250$.

Key features:

  • This is free to join.
  • They pay rates per hours which is good.
  • You can withdraw your payment every Monday into PayPal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin wallet, Western Union etc. You can only join through Invitation code.
  • This is my invitation code which you can use E603 while registering yourself.
  • You can good referral commission whom you invite to join.

3. Kolotibablo:

Kolotiboblo is top-ranked captcha entry jobs site. They pay up to 0.35$ to 1$ for solving 1000 captcha image correctly. The wages can vary from member’s level. You can check their latest stats and know how much members are actually earning so you can get inspired a bit.

 The programs which are paying without any delays they have some strict policies as well. So, don’t try to play any mess activities otherwise you will get the ban. 


Key features:

  • It’s free to join, you can sign up here Kolotibablo
  • They have been paying since 2007.
  • The minimum typing speed with accuracy should be 85% means 20WPM.
  • If captcha image is not readable then always use “ESC” or “ALT+Q” button.
  • You can withdraw payment through Payoneer, Payza, and Bitcoin etc.

4. Captchatypers:

CaptchaTypers is another great site for captcha entry jobs. They have opened registration panel for people who want to earn money online without investment.

You have to follow some instruction before joining. They are currently looking for 1500 captcha solver who wants to earn. You can apply free here: Join

Important instructions:

  • After joining they will send you admin panel to download software through which you will solve captcha only. So, don’t buy admin from others while you can get it free. Simply mail to to get admin free of cost.
  • If they found your account is inactive for 30 days they’ll delete your account.

Key features:

  • It’s free to join, No money need to get signup.
  • They are paying from 2012.
  • Your payment will process within 24 hours.
  • Minimum threshold payment 1$.
  • Payment methods: Perfect Money, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Payza, Neteller, Vietnam Bank and Indian Bank. If you are from India then they do NEFT and it takes few hours to reach payment directly in your bank account.
  • For more working details you can check here:  CaptchaTypers Working guide


5. ProTypers:

Protypers is another captcha entry sites which have same features like Megatypers. Here, you can also earn 0.50$- 1.5$ for every 1000 captcha solving.

Minimum threshold payment 1$

You can withdraw through Paypal, Payza and Western Union etc.

6. Captcha2cash:

This is also High paying Captcha entry sites where you can good amount of money for free. Just you need to get signup and then you have to download software to start work.

After logged in you can find other information like FAQ, Payment method etc.

7. Fasttypers:

Fasttypers are the best captcha entry jobs sites which are paying high in comparison to above sites. They pay up to 1-3$ for solving every 1000 captchas.

You have to send scanned copies of documents to join Fasttypers. For more, you can visit their blog to get updated and it’s free to join. Sign up here: Fasttypers

8. VirtualBee:

Virtualbee is an oldest that are providing captcha entry jobs since 2001.  They are also offering different typing works other than captcha entry. Once you joined they take a test and gives you score then accordingly they allot work.

To know more: Visit here and signup now

9. QlinkGroup:

Qlinkgroup is very trusted captcha entry sites where you have to type at least 800 captchas per week per ID to receive your payment. It’s free to join.

Just download QlinkGroup Software and every information is here.

10.  PixProfit:

Another best captcha entry jobs sites that have higher paying rates. For now, they are not accepting any new members so, you can follow them on Twitter when they are opening jobs for new members. To know more you can visit their sites PixProfit.

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There are many other jobs like content writing, Surveys jobs, Paid to click jobs. I leave it for you decide which jobs you preferred just go for it. These are the best 10 sites for captcha entry jobs that you can work from home and earn money without investment. For more updates keep visiting here and don’t forget to share it. Thanks!

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