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Are you looking for reliable and affordable managed hosting? Cloudways is one of the best managed hosting solutions among those? If you’ve already decided to make a purchase hosting packages from Cloudways then wait.  Read till the end because, In this post, I’ve shared all the working Cloudways Promo Code and a detailed guide about Cloudways Reviews to know the features, plans & pricing. This black Friday Cloudways offering a 40% discount on using exclusive Cloudways Coupon Code 2020.

Cloudways Discount

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Cloudways is a well-known company that offers affordable managed hosting that suits your budget. This is a cloud platform to host websites that are mainly built for developers. This is a great combination of affordability and functionality for cloud-based managed WordPress hosting. It gives you fast loading and not hard to set up and maintaining their servers. Their Hosting plans start at 10$ per month. You can active Cloudways Coupon Codes and save 35% with the 3-month free trial.

They are providing hassle-free features and you can scale as per your needs. Their infrastructures are highly optimized for Speed, Performance, and security, etc.

It was founded in 2009 and its headquarter is on the Island of Malta in Europe. They have offices in Dubai and Europe with a dedicated team of 30+ highly experienced staff to handle 8000+ Customers from 43 countries. They have launched more than 12,000+ servers and help to deploy 25,000 web apps and the number is increasing fast.

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Cloudways Promo Codes & Discount Coupons 2020:

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What is Cloudways Hosting:

Cloudways offers reliable and affordable cloud hosting for small and medium-sized businesses. You don’t need to worry about security, developments, and upgrade they will take care of all such major solutions. Their support is available 24/7/365 where you can contact either call, live chat or email they’ll handle rest. They offer user-friendly packages and their hosting is lightweight and you can scale any time as per your requirements. It is very easy to use and utilize their resources as per your needs. If you want to host at a discount price then use Cloudways Coupon to save 75% OFF.

It allows you to install a server which is hosted on Google Cloud, AmazonDigital Ocean, Vultr and Linode and they charge very nominal to maintain your server. They provide support 24/7 over live chat to assist you for any kind of issues and fix it instantly. Here is exciting Cloudways Couponpromo code with a 2-month free trial up to 75% OFF.

Key features of Cloudways:

There so many features that they offer like:

  • Very easy to use Cpanel
  • Hassle free 24/7 support with live chat.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Easy to install and maintain servers on 6 hosting platforms.
  • Fast servers and Free WordPress caching Plugins.
  • Application migration Add-on without downtime.
  • One-Click Free SSL Installation and so on…

Cloudways Coupon and discount codes- 75% OFF:

You can use Cloudways CouponCLOUD20” and get 20% off on 3 months managed cloud hosting. This is exclusive Cloudways Promo Code to get free 15$ credit on checkout. Their hosting plans starts from 10$ and scale your server size as per your need. You can Use exclusive Cloudways Coupon & Promo Codes to get 2 month free trial up to 20% OFF

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To redeem this Cloudways Coupon Codes simply add this Promo code CLOUD20 when you signup on Cloudways and 15$ credit will be applied automatically. You will also get 30 days free trial and coupon will be applied when you upgrade hosting plans. It allows you to create a Virtual server and host apps or websites.

These are few exclusive Cloudways Coupon Code 2020 [Limited Time Offer].


Get 35% Off for 3 months [ Limited Time Offer]

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Cloudways features

You can deploy unlimited applications on top of Amazon EC2 & DO in 1 click. ✅ They provide high secure firewall with dedicated Hardware. ✅It is the only PaaS provider in web hosting market That combines the freedom of dedicated servers with ease and agility of Paas. ✅Their hosting is easy to install and feel the amazing hosting experience.

Cloudways Discount

Cloudways Review:

Cloudways Review –  Cloudways is a platform to manage cloud hosting based service providers. They have built innovative and very easy to use dashboard for tech-savvy and beginners as well. To avail 30$ Cloudways Coupon. Activate 30$ Credit

Features of using Cloudways hosting platform:

1. Get Live in minutes:

Cloudways platform makes very easier for you without any complexities to setting up servers and getting live your website in just a few clicks. If any problems you face during the server setup, you can ask for help via Live Chat, Call, creating a support ticket and they will do it for you for free.

2. Manage server like a pro:

You must have the basic knowledge to manage the servers of your clients. They provide everything that you are required to manage web apps collaboratively and efficiently.

3. Easy to scale business:

For scaling business with Cloudways is very easy because they are committed to providing unmatched fast performance, Ironclad security, and seamless scalability to grow your businesses.

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Cloudways alternatives 2020:

If you are looking for Cloudways alternative, I can also help with that as well. There are many options to choose Other Cloud hosting partner but Cloudways is one of the best among them. Save up to 85% Off on fast managed cloud hosting.


Cloudways hosting plans and pricing:

Cloudways Hosting Plans

Cloudways offers fully managed cloud hosting at a cheap price which starts from $10/Mo. They provide cool features at an affordable price. The best thing in Cloudways you can choose any cloud platform which you would like to host your websites with no downtime. They don’t charge for their services it only cost for using resources and give you a lot of features for free. You can even choose an hourly plan and upgrade anytime like hourly or monthly plans etc. I liked most about it is ‘the pay-as-you-go’ and launch your website on internet instant. Their hosting can easily handle 10k real-time traffic.

Cloudways Coupon, services & features:

Cloudways hosting is made simple, fast and convenient for developers and customers.  you can simply choose anyone from top six cloud service providers like Amazon (AWS), Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Google Cloud platform, and Kyup. You don’t need to have on each provider they’ll do everything itself.  As compared to shared hosting, these cloud servers give you dedicated resources to improve website speed and scalability. We have included Cloudways Coupon & Promo Codes which give2-months free trial.

Cloudways services

You just have to choose a provider and disk space as per your need and Cloudways will set up a cloud server for you under a minute. So, it’s very easy to install and activate.

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High-speed performance:

Cloudways hosting performance is best with high-speed assurance. You can maximize server and app performance with no downtime guaranteed. Their SSD drive is unbreakable and makes 3 times faster so your website page load time is reduced. Their server built in advance cache that optimizes stack with ready to use caches including Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis to deliver a fast or expedite response.

They allow PHP 7  servers that is significantly faster than the predecessor. It has easy to integrate CDN which named as CloudwaysCDN that deliver superior performance. If you don’t know how to integrate CDN over Cloudways server please read this CDN guide. Cloudways charge 1$ per 25 GB of bandwidth which is very less.

Auto-Healing managed Cloud servers–  You don’t have to worry about the site crashing because most of the issue will solve with Auto healing and restarts.

Free WordPress Cache Plugin- Cloudways offers Breeze engineered in-house Hassle-free WordPress Cache plugin at zero cost for better performance than any plugin available in the industry. It comes with pre-installed on Cloudways server.

Enabling Redis you can improve the performance of the database.

Free Magento Full page Cache– It comes with built-in Full page Cache that gives you one of the fasted hosting stacks. with the help of this, you can improve the performance of Magento 1.x stores. Make your stacks faster with it.

Pre-configured PHP-FPM– It helps to speed up your websites and improve the loading times of your PHP environment with much faster with PHP-FHP configuration.

HTTP/2 Supported servers–  It helps to increase the speed of communication between the web servers and the clients. There is no legging and only real-time communication.

Managed services & Security:

Cloudways does support some security practices to keep your servers safe and secure.

High dedicated Firewall: They provide OS-level firewall on your hosted server to find malicious traffic and activities that come to your website and keep them out.

1-click free SSL installation: They have inbuilt Let’s Encrypt SSL that improve your website security with a trusted certificate that fulfills your HTTPS requirements for free.

Two-factor authentication: TFA is an extra security layer to keep safe your server from the intruder. If you don’t know about 2FA authentication please visit this guide to know.

Cloudways Installation

Cloudways Support and Pricing:

Cloudways support is available 24/7/365 round the clock through Live chat or by submitting support tickets. They have CloudwaysBot to help faster your queries.

You can also pay a small fee for premium support to get a fast response to priority issues. In other hands, They provide phone support or use a private stack channel. They are also available on primary social media where you follow and ask for help through page or groups. You can fast solution through social media and get in touch with them.

If any problems in the Cloudways server setup, please watch this video:

Cloudways Affiliate Program:

If you are looking to earn money from Cloudways Affiliate program then you can join here free. They are paying up to 200$ per sale that you can provide. You earning depends on how many sales you convert every month on Cloudways. These are the top 25 online work from home jobs that you can use to earn money. You can also find here a list of the best 50 small business ideas if you want to start a profitable business.

Step to Join Cloudways Affiliate Program:

  1. You can simple Join as an affiliate on Cloudways by login through LinkedIn. GitHub and G+ or Fill a small form with required details.
  2. If you do signup through a form then you need to verify your email.
  3. Login your affiliate account and get the unique “Referral Link”.
  4. Start promoting to make sales and earn up to 200$ per lead.

Type of Cloudways Affiliate commission structure:

Cloudways offers three types of commission structure for affiliates which are named as, Slab plan, Hybrid Plan and Custom Plan. Commission rate varies on how many leads you make. Each of these has different commission policy to increase your commission.

Slab Plan: 

In slab plan, You get paid on how many referrals that convert as a Cloudways customer. The total number of the sale will count as per this slab and you earn a passive income.


Example: If you refer 5 customers per month who convert into paid customer then your earning will be 250$ according to slab 1. If you refer more than 5 customers like 6-20 then your potential commission will be count as 75$ per sale then total amount will be 750$ for 10 customers. You can see in above commission chart and can follow as well.

Hybrid Plan:

In this plan, you can earn a good recurring commission 7% with 30$ signup bonus. You can earn 7% recurring commission as long as per month they stay paid customer.

Cloudways hybrid plan commission

Custom Plan:

This is a special tier plan for those who can make more than 80 customers per month consistently basis then you will get paid $200 per sale. This is a combination of slab and hybrid affiliate commission plan offered by Cloudways on a special agreement policy.


Pros and Cons of Cloudways:

I would recommend Cloudways as a great hosting service provider for developers. There are many reasons you should prefer Cloudways if you can afford 10$/m.

There are other cheap hosting providers like Godaddy and Hostgator that you can go with but if you want high-performance cloud server with dedicated managed hosting. This is some exciting Cloudways Coupon to get the 2-month free trial up to 75% OFF.

In every hosting provider, there have some pros and cons which I’m listed down here.


1. High Performance Dedicated server: Cloudways provide a dedicated environment with 3 times faster loading and reduce page load time with the free WordPress cache plugin.

2. Easy to use simple UI: Cloudways is very easy to use even if you are non-technical folks. Their hosting is user-friendly and can use if you have low technical skills.

3. Easy to Install and Setup: This is very easy to install and set up a server on the cloud very conveniently. It takes almost a minute to make ready hosting for the website.

4. Technical support: If you need any help then you can get in touch with their support or live chat 24/7/365 for the fast response. They are also available on major social media.

5. Affordable, Reliable and scalable: Their pricing plans start from 10$ which is very affordable and Cloudways server is 99.999% uptime guarantee. The best thing you can scale anytime server bandwidth or disk space as per your need to grow your business.


1. Limited application supported: They have a limited option but if you are hosting CMS website (like a WordPress Site) then it is best but you can’t host custom app which is built in Python, JavaScript and Ruby etc.. then you are not able to do with Cloudways.

2. No root access: Cloudways is good but when you need access root, unfortunately, Cloudways don’t support root access but there are many features you can go with free.

Final Words:

Cloudways is one of the best Cloud Managed Hosting Provider and they provide hosting services for developers to deploy the sites to cloud servers. They give you top six to choose like, Amazon (AWS), Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, Google cloud platform and Kyup to deploy sites or apps. Cloudways pricing is so cheap as compared to other cloud hosting provider and their server is highly dedicated with OS enable Firewall. Here, I’ve shared honest Cloudways Reviews, their pricing plans, Pros, and Cons, etc. You choose and go with Cloudways if you don’t want any downtime and fast page loading response. You can also try the Cloudways affiliate program to earn good commission and use also Cloudways Coupon to save 20% OFF on 3-month hosting plans. Get it now!

Cloudways Discount

Cloudways Coupon Codes 2020- 3 month Trial + 30$ Free Credit
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Cloudways is one of the best-managed cloud hosting platforms at an affordable price which start from 10$/m. Here we have done honest Clouways reviews and some working Clouways Coupons.

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