Top 10 Free Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucets Sites 2018

I’m sure, you have heard about Bitcoin which is now a gem and made people millionaire. Either you can invest in Bitcoin to trade in cryptocurrency to make profits or you can earn using these Highest paying bitcoin faucets in 2018. If you are a newbie and don’t know about blockchain technology then you should start learning because it gonna be a new payment technology and will be accepted worldwide. Most of the developed country like, Japan, Singapore, Canada, USA, UK and started accepting Bitcoin as a currency. There is no doubt soon other countries will also start accepting it.

Here, I’m telling some free ways to earn bitcoin but you have to spend time for it. Before starting to earn from all these bitcoin faucets you must have bitcoin wallet if don’t have you can create free on Coinbase or blockchain. There are some other ways to earn free money online from Paid to click, surveys programs which have limited earning opportunity. In bitcoin, there is no limit you just have to claim as per faucets site timer.


Highest paying bitcoin faucets

What is bitcoin faucets?

Bitcoin faucets are a rewarding system that user can earn from a website or apps. Those rewards distributed in the form of Satoshi after competing given task then claim to get rewarded. The first bitcoin faucet developed by Gavin Andresen in 2010. It can be any respective cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or more. You can use VPNs or Proxies if any sites do not open in your country.

If you don’t know what is Bitcoin and how it works, please watch this video:

 List of Highest paying bitcoin faucets site:

So, Are you ready to join all the highest paying bitcoin faucets? You can earn more after joining all bitcoin faucets sites. There is no fee to join but to earn more claim as many as you can or refer other through your link to get a commission.

Let’s dive into the list of free paying bitcoin faucets sites in 2018.

  1. Freebitco:

This is a very genuine and legitimate website that has more than 13 million users and paid 140,924 Bitcoin. In this site, you can join free by clicking here Sign up Now.


After joining, now you can start rolling every 60 minutes or when you have more than 10000 Satoshi then you can also play manual bet to multiply your BTC. I would not recommend you to do this because it’s risky. You can lose your Bitcoin but you can start with a lower amount and you will know how to win or double your BTC.

You can earn up 1 BTC every day just follow these tips:

  • Roll every 60 minutes.
  • Multiply your bitcoin by playing HI-Low game.
  • You can win a jackpot worth 1 Bitcoin.
  • Win free lottery tickets every week.
  • Earn daily interest in staking bitcoin( Minimum 30000 satoshi required).
  • 50% referral commission
 PS: Follow above tips and try to refer more people to earn high commission. 

2. Freedoge:

Freedogecoin is also faucets but pays in Dogecoin and features is also same.

Join freedoge

First, You must have dogecoin wallet if not then it’s free to create now Dogecoin wallet: This is your wallet where you can withdraw or store you Dogecoin.

Now, follow the same process as mentioned in case of Freebitco.

  • Roll every hour and win up to 150$ worth Dogecoin
  • Multiply your dogecoin by HI-Low Game.
  • Win up to 1,00,000 Dogecoin jackpot.
  • 50% referral commission

You can join from here: Sign up FreeDoge

I’m not active here but when I get free time then don’t forget to claim. Here is my Referral commission which is very low, this small proof is enough to motivate you to start and referring people to get a commission. You can earn more than this join now and be active to start earning.

3. Coinbulb:


This is a Paid to click type bitcoin faucets where you have to watch ads and for each successful viewing ads, you will get paid. It’s free to join and instant payment to your bitcoin wallet. You can create free bitcoin wallet on Coinbase. Join here: Coinbulb

Each ad visit you’ll get paid from 0.00040 mBTC to 0.00300 mBTC. Minimum payment is 0.1 mBTC. Earn 80-100% commission from referral. You need to upgrade their membership to earn faster. John Highest Paying BTC faucets.

 P.S- If you not active 60 days then earning or everything will vanish or reset. 


4. BTClicks:

BTC clicks is a bitcoin earning sites where you can earn by surfing ads. Each ads surfing you will earn 0.0000002 to 0.00000020 satoshi per click. This is successfully running since 2013. If you want to earn real bitcoin without getting scammed then it is very trustworthy. You can earn 50-80% commission by referring people and get instant payment. This is again a highest paying Bitcoin faucets site accepting worldwide people.

5. Bitcofarm:

There are many ways to earn bitcoin by collecting eggs, milk, chicken, cake, cheese. This is also a PTC site that are giving users to make bitcoin free up to 300 satoshis per ad click. You can win up to 1 BTC free every week in referral contest or point contest. Only you have to join and refer people as many as you can which is a very easy task. If you made minimum 10-20 referral then you can be a winner of 1 Bitcoin. You can join now free: Bitcofarm and watch daily ads, collect lottery tickets to win 1 BTC every week.

P.S- If you not active 28 days, your account will reset and lost your balance.

6. Bitfun:

This is a dice game and you can claim every 3 minutes to get paid 20-50 satoshis. You can request payment when you reach 10000 satoshi threshold. Earn 50% referral commission. Join here: Bit fun and earn free bitcoin.

7. Bonus bitcoin:

You can say Bonus Bitcoin is highest paying bitcoin faucets because you can earn up to 5000 satoshis every 15 minutes. They also pay 5% bonus on your claimed amount that you did last 72 hours. It pays 50% referral commission as well. Only you have to join and claim “I’m not Robot” filling captcha to earn free bitcoins.  Create your account free and verify your email and login to claim and earn passive bitcoin. Join now: Bonus Bitcoin

8. Moon Bitcoin:

Moon Bitcoin is very trusted and highest paying Bitcoin faucets site. You need bitcoin wallet address to log in and start claiming every 5 minutes. They allow only one account per IP so, be careful otherwise they will block you. You get 50% lifetime referral commission if your referral is active for 100 days. There are other royalties bonus from 1%-7% if you claim 7 days a week otherwise it reset to 0% So, be active and try to claim as many as possible.

9. Clixsense:


Clixsense is one of the best popular PTC sites where you can earn daily 5-10$ by watching ads or completing surveys. It’s free to join and earn by playing games, watching videos, offers etc. There are several other ways to maximize your earning. You have Paypal, Payza or Skrill to receive payment. Minimum threshold payment is 10$. Join now: Clixsense and you can earn 20% referral commission lifetime. Don’t miss it.

10. Coinut:

Coinut is basically a cryptocurrency exchange where you store your crypto coin or earn 0.001 LTC(Litecoin) free when you signup. You can earn 0.001 LTC by inviting people every new people. It’s real and legit method to earn. You can withdraw when you have 0.10 LTC. You can exchange your LTC for BTC or many others. If your referral deposit 1 LTC then you earn 0.10 LTC free 10% of each deposit made by your client.

Things to remember:

  • Duplicated accounts will not be paid.
  • Directly registered accounts will not be paid.
  • Using proxies/VPNs may not get you paid. (If phone number verified, this does not apply).
  • If multiple accounts have the same IP address, only one account may be able to get the sign-up bonus.

Keep these points otherwise you will not get any bonus from referral or even your account might be blocked. This is legit so, I included in the list of highest paying bitcoin faucets. To get signup, click on banner or button below and earn 0.001 LTC free.


Sign up and get free LTC from the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange:

Join Now: Coinut

How to join These Highest paying Bitcoin faucets site:

  • You should have smartphones or laptop.
  • You need to have a Bitcoin wallet if not create now free:  Coinbase:
  • Try to claim according to timer on all sites separately.
  • Refer as many as possible, your earning potential will be high.
  • Collect from all these free bitcoin faucet sites at one place.

Final words:

It’s your turn and takes action fast. Join above all the highest paying bitcoin faucets site and be active to earn big or high. As long as you claim the chances of earning for you become bigger day by day and within one month you can earn 1 BTC. After earning Bitcoin you can either hold because the price of bitcoin can increase anytime or start trading. Thanks!


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