Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs To Earn Six-Figure Salary in 2019

Earning Six figure in a year is a dream whether you are college students, Salaried persons, Par time jobs seekers. These are the best top 30 Highest Paying jobs in India that you can do to earn a six-figure salary in 2019. In the USA, These are the 25 high demanding career option according to a Glassdoor report if you make your careers.

Today, Salary is a key factor that 70% job seekers seek while they searching jobs. A recent survey conducted for employment by world largest job portal site Glassdoor.

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As you know, India is a 3rd largest economy of the World. There are some leading tech giant companies is investing to expand their businesses in India. So, the chances of salary hikes and increasing the demand for these job profiles will also in favor of you.

The number of the job opening and their salary will amaze you. If you possess the skills and have a dream get in these jobs profile then read the details to apply.

Most of 12 jobs out of 20 are from the health sector, 6 are from the Tech and others are new in this list. Take a look the list below for paycheck based on the Job titles.

Top 30 Highest Paying jobs in 2019:

If any jobs profile match to your education or degree that you are doing or trying to attempt. You can earn a six-figure salary from these 30 top Highest paying jobs in 2019.

1. Physician:

A physician is a medical doctor who leads the team as a primary healthcare provider who diagnoses and treats disease. They provide consultation as well as treatment in many forms including medication, procedures, Surgery, or therapy etc. To become a physician you should be a degree in specialized with practical training.

This is a very time-consuming career option as compared to other. You must be a 4-year undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.  After undergraduate, you should be a 4-year graduate degree from an accredited medical school. Now, for obtaining Medical Doctor Degree ( M.D) or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree ( D.O) depends on the type of medical program you complete. Physician

Average Salary: $1,50,000 – 2,50,000$ Anually.

The number of opening31,470 Jobs Apply here

2. Pharmacy Manager:

This is 2nd in my list of Highest paying jobs. According to a report of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, There were 3,12,500 job opening in 2016. To become a Pharmacy Manager, You must have a 4-year degree in Doctor of Pharmacy ( Parma. D) and to obtain a license it requires to pass two exams. The projected growth will be 6% from 2016-2026.  They provide prescription and leads the staff members and also conduct health screening, oversee the medicine given to patients, Provides consultation on a healthy lifestyle. They also give advice on topics such as Diet, exercise, stress etc.

Average Salary: $1,25,000 – 1,50,000$ Anually.

The number of opening: 8,592 Jobs Apply here

3. Anesthesiologists:

A doctor who practices Anesthesia is called Anesthesiologists. They are a specialized physician who is responsible for perioperative care, develop anesthetic plans etc.

Image Source: BLS

First complete college degree than four-year medical school is compulsory. After that one year internship followed by a residency in Anesthesia ( 3 years) or an additional year of training ( fellowship). You should pass this process to become an Anesthesiologists. 

An Average mean annual wage is 1,50,000$. You can apply here:

The number of opening: 2, 239 Jobs Currently on Glassdoor but approximately 32,590 Anesthesiologist in the U.S by recent BLS Surveys data.

4. Surgeons:

Image source: Businessinsider

Surgeons are physicians who perform surgical operations. The persons who are expert in surgery of various field. They can be specialized surgeons in anything like dentistry, Podiatry etc. A surgeon must have the knowledge to diagnose a patient’s disease accurately and to evaluate & write a prescription as well for curing their health issue.

The average annual wages of surgeons is 2,51,000$- 3,30,000$

No. of jobs opening: 2800 Apply here

5. Orthodontists:

This is also the Highest paying jobs for Medical professionals who are specialized in teeth corrections and braces. They are an expert in the treatment and dental irregularities, usually in dental braces. The main task of an orthodontist is to analyze and solve the dental problems. To become an orthodontist, You need to have a Bachelor degree in the science field and the four years of a dental degree from a Dental school with 3 years of specialized training.

A BLS reports, Orthodontist salary depends on work experience and location. In general, an orthodontist earned an annual salary of 1,87,200$ as per May 2015 census.

The growth of employment will increase by 18% from 2014 to 2024.

6. Psychiatrist:

A psychiatrist is a kind of doctor who diagnoses, analyze and treat mental health disorder. They also provide consultancy and help to solve who are facing depression, Chemical dependency, and other mental issues. To become a Psychiatrist you need similar eight years education like other medical professions with additional years of internship or fellowship. You can read here for more about Psychiatrist.

As per BSL reports, Approximately Psychiatrist annual salary is 1,93, 680$ and the growth of employment increasing 15% by 2014-2024. You can get jobs by applying here.

7. Prosthodontics:

This is a specialized area of dentistry. The jobs of Prosthodontics are replacing or restoring the teeth and other parts of the mouth. They also provide treatment for various types of facial deformities and perform reconstructive dental work.

A prosthodontics charges 16$-25$ per hours. Currently, 486 jobs opening in the USA. The average earning 1,96,000$ annually and you can apply here.

8. Nurse Anesthetists:

This is the highest Paying jobs in the categories of Nurses. To become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), You must have a degree in Anesthesia. After completing a degree in Anesthesia then to qualify for RN(Registered Nurse) to become CRNA. Sometimes, CCRN(Critical care registered Nurse) is required.

They are nurse specialist who evaluates anesthesia to patients, monitor patient’s vital signs and provides post-surgical care. They are expert in taking care of surgical patients.

An average salary of Nurse Anesthetist: 1,50,000$

9. Dentists:

Dentists are specialist who can diagnose and treat the issues of mouth, teeth & Gums. They also perform numerous jobs like root canals, tooth replacement and provide preventive care & oral hygiene advice. Typically, They use an anesthetic to minimize patient’s paid during operation. Dentists also perform and examine X-Ray of mouth.


Dentists salary per annum: $1,58,310(U.S). Read here to become a dentist

10. Pharmacists:

Pharmacists fill prescriptions and verify instructions from Physician then give medicine to the patients. They are expert in medicines and drugs on any medical conditions.

They give instruction on how and when to take prescribed medicine and also inform the patients about side effects from taking the medicines and what should avoid during health issues. Pharmacists also give advice on health topics like diet, exercise, and other health issues. Their average salary is 1,27,120$ per annum in the USA and Apply here.

11. Enterprise Architect:

This is the Highest Paying jobs in the field of software development and the average salary is 1,15,990$ per annum. They are responsible for the creation, maintenance, and management of IT infrastructure model. They are the senior of the technical architect.

Enterprise Architect

The main duties of Enterprise Architect are to handle overall ICT architecture and also required to apply information, interpret, use and inform a range of business improvement activities. They also take care of respective business, application, data, and technology being used. They involved in design, development, enhancement, and maintenance of IT support system. You can Apply here for jobs.

12. Corporate Counsel:

Corporate Counsel is a lawyer who solely works for any single business or organization. They mainly provide legal advice and protection of employees of that organization.

In general, Company appoints Corporate Counsel as a chief legal officer who handles all the claims against employees inside or outside the organization when it is required.

 No. of opening: 5013 and the average salary is $115, 580. Apply here

13. Software Development Manager:

They lead the teams of the software developers. He is an expert in designing software, web application, and web services etc. A Software Development Manager is responsible to hire, train and manage the staff, create reports and submit to senior management.

They also test and debug the applications, resolve performance issue and making revisions when necessary. To become SDM you must have Bachelor Degree in Computer science with analytical, technical and leadership skills. This is the fastest growing employment which has increased up to 17% in the US and the average salary is 1,10,00$.

The number of job opening: 51,526 and you can Apply here

14. Physician Assistant:

They assist to senior Physician doctors in their day-to-day practices and do help in the various tasks. It makes to achieve the result fast in evaluating and diagnosing.

Physician Assistant(PAs) handles the responsibility in the absence of Physician doctors. They work very closely with doctors and allowed to prescribe the medicines.

To become Physician Assistant, you must have a Master’s Degree from an accredited Physician Assistant program with a license if required. You can get a license by passing exams and they often serve as a patient’s healthcare service provider.

The project employment growth for this job will be 30% in 2014-2024. Currently, the total opening is 47,814 in the city of US. You can directly apply here.

15. Software Engineering Manager:

They lead the diverse, talented software engineers team to manage and implement the software architecture, database, and operating system efficiently. You must have completed schooling in science to get a 4-year bachelor degree in technology( B. Tech).

This is one of the highest paying jobs in the technology field. Their salary is ranging from 1,20,000$ to 1,50,000$ depending on your experiences and job location.

No. of job opening: 32, 286 and you can apply here.

16. Nurse Practitioner:

This is again in the list of Highest paying jobs from the medical field. A nurse practitioner is responsible for administering for caring patients than RNs.

They do prescribe medicine, examine patients, diagnose illness and provide treatment as the physicians do. Nurse practitioners are the part of medical teams.

nurse practitioner
Image Source: Getty Images

To become NPs, you must first need to be an RN then to qualify for NP. They earn 1,06,962$ per year and the number of openings is 19,186. You can apply here.

17. Software Architect:

They are expert in designing and developing software architecture using their technical and creative skills. A software architect builds the system and application to be used on computers while building an architectural design like constructing physical buildings.

Minimum qualification is required, Bachelor Degree. The projected employment growth is 17%(2014-2024) and their average annual salary is 1,21,605$ as per 2017. Apply here

18. Engineering Manager:

This jobs also secure a position in the list of Highest Paying jobs in India. A massive requirement of this software jobs profile to cater the gap and fulfill the engineering departments. Their jobs to solve the technical problems for better performance of the engineering enterprise and help in the administration of organizational management.

Engineering Manager salary is 1,05,260$ and you can Apply here.

19. Applications Development Manager:

They mainly manage a team of analyst and developers who are responsible for an organization’s application development. An ADM evaluates existing applications and determines the technical aspect changes,  estimated cost & Project completion timeline.

You must have a Bachelor’s Degree in respective areas. Typically, they report to a director or head of unit or department of an organization. Their median annual salary is 1,04,048$ and to check the job listing and also you can apply here.

20. Airline Pilot or Flight Engineer:

Airline Pilot, Flight engineer
Image source: iStock

As the name itself, you can guess the person who drives the airline or flights who works for airlines companies. They are in charge of flights,  including passengers and staff, the Overall safety and efficiency of travel experience. The main duties of Pilot are to prepare flight records and communicate flight plans. They also stayed informed about aircraft technology and cockpit instruments.

To become an airline pilot, you should pass Diploma from flight school program and also required on the job training. They earn 1,11,930$ in a year and check here job listing.

To Get Highest Paying Jobs:

What do you think about these High paying jobs? If you are planning to start your career and wants to earn six-figure salary then consider these Highest Paying jobs from the list.

I know this is not enough but will add some more jobs in the list of High paying jobs. All these jobs and their salary can vary from country to country but this is an ideal salary figure that you can expect if you in any of these professions to start your career as an employee. You can also do part-time jobs and earn handsome income as well.

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