Top 10 Highest paying PTC Sites in 2020 [Best Part time Jobs]

Do you want to earn 81,000$ from PTC sites? yes, you heard right. This is not just motivation, I’ll show you proof and if you are looking to make money online without investment in 2020, read this post till the end. In this post, I’ll tell about the high paying PTC sites that are legit and pay on time and millions of users making huge amount every month just watching ads. You can start it for free.

There are tons of paid to click PTC sites on the internet but most of them have either scam or not trusted. This is the very simplest way to earn money online for beginners.

In my early days, I started an online journey of making money from PTC sites and got paid. Some of the sites, in the beginning, pay on time but later it stopped. So, don’t waste your time on shitty because you are new in this industry. Join these paid to click job sites for free. Here, I’ll share those Highest Paying PTC sites from where you can earn 1000$ very easily every month.

But, Honestly, it takes lots of time, hard work and patience to get your first payment.

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Why should you join?

After I tested and working then I’m recommending these Highest Paying PTC sites:

  • It gives freedom to work when you want.
  • It’s free to join. No signup fee!
  • 1 hour a day is enough for this job.
  • International members accepted.
  • No income limit, earn as much as you want.

Best PTC sites that Pay 10$ per click in India:

Some of the best PTC sites that pay 10$ per click. I recommend you to join without worrying about scams. All these PTC sites in India are free and tested by me. I’m earning and then sharing with you the highest Paying PTC sites without investment.

What are PTC sites?

PTC sites mean the sites who offer people become a free member and watch ads provided by the advertiser to get paid on their sites is called PTC sites.

The best thing there is no signup fee and very easy tasks like clicking ads, completing surveys, watching videos. Just register to these highest paying PTC sites and view ads.

After registration, simply log in and click all ads available to get paid- That’s it.

[P.S: Note down the name of PTC sites that you have joined with username, Password etc. Login each sites daily and click all ads wait until completion to get credited]

List of 10 Highest paying PTC sites?

  1. Clixsense:

Clixsense is one of the oldest and most trusted Highest paying PTC sites on the internet. There are various ways to increase your earning. If you work seriously with Clixsense then you can earn 5000-10000 INR per month easily sitting at home.

Benefits of joining Clixsense:

  • Joining is free, No signup fee.
  • You can earn by playing games, completing tasks like Surveys, offers etc.
  • You can refer to unlimited members.
  • Earn 20% from your downline or sponsor.
  • Minimum payout 10$ through Payza, Payoneer, Skrill, Check( US, Canada).

Click here to join:  Clixsense

2. Offernation:

This is another GPT site (Get paid to) where you can earn points for taking surveys, offers, watching videos and clicking ads. You’ll get 0.25$ as a bonus when you join it.

They have paid more than $7,65,036 to members who have participated in free paid surveys and offers.  There is no charge for joining and the minimum payout is 1$.

You can also redeem your earned points into a gift card or withdraw in cash via Paypal, Payza or Skrill. To multiply your income, you can refer people and earn a 25% referral commission. You can join it for free, click here to get started.


Ojooo is very popular among the best high paying PTC sites and trusted by 31 million users worldwide. Earn money by viewing the ads on your mobile phone and get paid. It is very trusted and there is no single delay in payment. You can earn easily just by watching ads in spare time. There are several to earn from Clixgrid, Offerwall, and surveys and you can get up 9.20$ as a bonus on upgrade membership.

  • Earn up to 0.04$ per click
  • It’s free to join
  • Earn money by watching Ojooo Videos, making simple tasks or offers with Offerwall.
  • Payment method Paypal, Payza
  • Earn huge referral commission and refer to unlimited members.

Click here to join:

4. Yougetprofit:

Yougetprofit is a PTC cum revenue share program where you can earn by clicking on ads and you can buy ad pack to get profit from your investment. This can be a profitable business for you. It has launched in 2013 and paid  $$250,243 to 136020 members.

  • Free To Join!
  • 2 Referral levels purchase Commission
  • Earn up to $0.03 per click
  • Earn up to $0.01 per direct referral click
  • $2.00 minimum cashout
  • Instant Payments and Receiving System
  • No Investment needed to cash out

Join can Join here:  YouGetProfit

5. Neobux:

This is the top PTC site which started in 2008. They have unique features to increase your earning. Their policy is very strict so, don’t try to play any illegal activities otherwise your account will block automatically and you can lose your earned money. Be real and put all real information and watch all ads and increase referrals to earn more.

  • It’s free to join
  • Earn up to 0.02$ per click
  • Upgrade your membership and make the referral by promoting
  • Minimum payment 2$ and get paid via Payza, Skrill or Nettler.

Click to join here:  NeoBux

6. Paidverts:

This is unique online services where you can earn money by watching ads and also advertise your business as well. When you earn 1500BAP and then you can buy ads and you get 1800 BAP so on… These ways you can earn more by repeating this method and refer friends to earn 10% of what they spend on ads plus 5% on clicks.

This site has launched in 2014 and paid up to 100$ a click but that not easy to get it takes a long time with hard work. You can join as a free member and you will get 8 ads daily to click on each 15 BAP worth. The minimum threshold payment is 10$ which you can withdraw in Payza, Bitcoin, PM, and Skrill, etc.

To join click here:  Paidverts

7. BTC clicks:

BTC clicks is PTC sites which pay their members in BItcoin. Here mBTC means Milibitcoin (thousandth). In simple words, 1,000 mBTC is 1 BTC, and 1 mBTC is 0.001 BTC(100k satoshi) if you work in cryptocurrency then you already know about it.

 Note: If you not active till 45 days then your account will suspend. Banner

  • Earn up to 0.00021 mBTC per click
  • Earn up to 0.00017 mBTC per affiliate/referral click
  • Minimum payout is 0.10000 mBTC
  • Affiliate/referral program with a 40% to 80% commission!

Click here to join:  BTC clicks

8. GPT planet:

GPT planet is very trusted and paying since 2010. It has almost half of million members and already paid appx 1$ million. You can earn also after joining and make money without investment.

  • No signup fee and worldwide member accepted.
  • Earn up to 0.01$ per click
  • Minimum payment 1$ via Payza, Payeer, PM(perfect money), Bitcoin.
  • Earn up to 100% referral commission.

Click here to join now:  GPT Planet

9. Scarlet-clicks:

This is also one of popular PTC sites who has 0.7 million members and already paid 1.7 $ million so far. It has launched in 2009 and very trusted which always paid on time.

  • Earn up to $0.01 per click
  • $2 minimum payout
  • Payments via Payza, Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin.
  • Earn up to 100% referral earnings
  • No signup fee required.

Click here to join:  Scarlet-Clicks

10. Family Clix:

Last but not the least this is very innovative and genuine PTC sites to make money without investment. It has launched in 2014 and paid $632,024 to its members.

  • Earn up to $0.02 per click
  • Earn up to $0.02 per referral click
  • Earn up to $10 per referral upgrade

Join here:  Family Clix


If you are serious about making money from PTC sites then These are the recommended Highest paying PTC sites to earn passive income. Only you have to spend a few hours a day and want more income then try to refer as many as you can.

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If you’ve any questions or doubt then please ask me via comment if found it useful please share also. Keep visiting Theincomehacks & Learn the ways to earn online.

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