How To Start a Blog in 2019- Beginners Guide {Step-by-Step} ☑️

Have you decided already or not I’m not sure about it but if you planning to start a blog from scratch. In this post, You gonna learn everything about blogging and How to start a blog in 2018 {Step-by-step guide for beginners}.

There is much information available on the internet but it’s very difficult to choose whom you follow. I’m like you 2 years before and that time I didn’t know about blogging or even haven’t heard “what is blogging”. Blogging was not an easy journey for me but by the time I started following some best bloggers like Neil Patel’s blog and Harsh Agrawal’s blog Shoutmeloud. I realized it’s a source of income too.

Now, This is my new blog and I already running an established blog, You can check my work there. So, come to the point, Have you determined to get start a blog. Are you ready to take action that makes you live Boss free life?

Of course, who doesn’t want?

Let me clear some basic things about blogging. No need to pressurize your mind.

How to start a blog

What is Blogging?

Before knowing How to start a blog, You must know what is a blog.

A blog is basically a website which contains information where an author or a blogger share their ideas that people are looking for and available for discussion. A blog can be personal, forum or business website from where users get information or news.

In simple term, You can say an information directory or everything that you see in www is a blog. Now, the term blogging- Where people or blogger(Person who owns a blog) write or share their thought or explain anything.

I think now, you have understood the term Blog, Blogging and Blogger.

How to start a blog in 2019?

There are many misconceptions about blogging but here I’ll tell you how to start a blog in very simple ways. First, keep in mind that you are going to start blogging and have planned everything in advance. There is no shortcut to getting success overnight.

I know some of the pro bloggers who have started blogging 5-7 years before now, he is earning in Lakhs of Rupees or thousands of Dollars every month. You can be one of them if you do blogging with consistency or with no excuses.

Let’s get started,

Follow my 5 easy steps guide to start perfect blogging journey.

  1. Decide Blogging platform:

There is two popular blogging platform to get started: Blogger and another one is WordPress. If you are a newbie then I don’t recommend to start a self-hosted blog. First, you should go with Blogger which is free.

When you seem that you are handling and doing pretty well then you can move to self-hosted blog with WordPress. WordPress is largest dominating and used by blogger worldwide 48%, see in the chart below:

As you can see, 48% people are using WordPress that means 85 million active users and more than 50,000 blogs launched every day on WordPress Approximately.

Don’t be confused with numbers, there is huge competition but if you take a step now then you can be somewhere in the middle.

There are other alternative available too: Blogger or Tumblr.

If you really want to start blogging for long duration then WordPress is best for a self-hosted blog where very easy to setup including theme and plugins. There is no need to be a hardcore coder or programmer. Only you need to have a domain and hosting to get started. Any help you need, you can contact me also to get set up your own blog.

2. Choose a domain name:

If you want to start self-hosted WordPress blog then you required a domain name like You can choose your own domain name from Hostgator or Bluehost and get a domain free if you purchase any hosting plan at just 2.95$ per months for a year.

Now, you have done 2nd steps of how to start a blog?

Note: Choose domain name according to your niche which is you going to start:


3. Designing your WordPress website:

After getting a domain and hosting, You would need a theme which can be either free or paid. If you choose a free theme then you have to put an effort in customization. You should have knowledge of code, HTML, CSS to design a professional blog because of website appearance matters. I would recommend getting a theme from MyThemeShop, There are hundreds of free or paid theme available to download.

You can easily set up by drag and drop, install some useful plugins, widgets, That’s it. MyThemeShop

Now, you have done your designing part (To know how to set up WordPress blog) please subscribe or stay tuned because in next post of How to start a blog I’ll show or explain everything for you. Keep visiting for updates or bookmark this blog.

4. Set your goals:

After successfully launch your blog, you need to set a goal. It should be S.M.A.R.T based plans where you want to see your newly launched website. It can be six months, one year or five years. You need to publish content on regular basis with some sort of SEO knowledge to grow your blog. As soon your blog getting traffic then you can apply for Adsense and monetize your blog traffic to start earning too. Take note and prepare a roadmap that you could focus what, where and how the things get done. It takes time only need a passion if you have then nothing will come between you and your passion. So, think wisely and work smartly. You don’t know anything don’t worry by the time you will know everything. Start reading the blog and join some forum where you can ask your question and expert will give you answer. Now, you need to take action and build a network go to Facebook, follow popular blogger & add marketer to know more.

Make sure, your plan is actionable and achievable then only you can expect results.

5. Tips for Newbie Bloggers:

If you haven’t started any blog but now, you are all set to launch your first blog. Blogging can be a good carrier option and later you can convert it into a business blog. You don’t need to give full time especially if you are students, working persons or Mom. There is a passion as you take time to your regular stuff in the same way you can do blogging in part-time as well. When you start getting results and earning then take it seriously and continue full time. Follow some tips that will help you out on the blogging journey.

  • 111 blogging tips for newbie bloggers
  • Don’t quit, try, failed and improve (Learn from the mistakes).
  • Don’t be greedy that you will be rich overnight. Yeah, It gives you money at some time but not now only you have to focus on work and write an informative article.
  • Learn by Googling or take admission in digital marketing institute.
  • Boost your knowledge and apply on your blog( Practice makes a man perfect).
  • Remember your target audience and write unique engaging content. Don’t use duplicate images and create them yourself with the use of image designing tools.

These are basics that help in How to start a blog from scratch.

10 major Benefits of blogging:

There are thousands of benefits which I can’t count but here I’m giving the 10 main benefits of blogging. These are really important which can change your lives. Why I’m saying because gives me everything that I wanted to be in my life and it helped me in achieving “Time+ Money+Freedom“. If you want these things in your life then start blogging right now. You will be your own Boss and can earn passive income.

#Express Yourself:

Blogging gives you exposure to express anything that you want. There are countless things like personal thoughts, experiences, technology, business, finance, photography and many more. It gives you an opportunity to connect like-minded people who are already doing great. You can build own community to help people who are looking.

#Share your knowledge:

You are free to share your knowledge through the blog. You can reach your target audience and generate business for yourself as well. People love reading if you add value to their lives and businesses. Later, you can monetize your traffic to earn income also.

#Improve your writing skills:

Through blogging, you can improve your writing skills. Many companies hire freelance content writer where you can work and earn a handsome income. You can become Ghostwriter, Copywriter and content marketer who are making millions per year.

#Build professional Network:

Blogging helps you to build a network with professional bloggers across the globe. When your blog becomes authority people will start following you. Through, blogging you get invitation from blogging event, seminar, workshop to teach people who are newbies.

#Become popular and Start earning:

When people start following your blog, people will consider you as a professional blogger. A blog also will help to generate income for your business or services. If your content provides values then you can launch your course and sell it to make passive income. You can also capture lead of targeted users through blog.

Why should you choose self-hosted blog than a free one?

If you are a bit serious about blogging then go with the self-hosted blog. There are free alternatives are also available but it won’t give you the freedom to choose a domain like mine or you can choose own.

In free, you will have to choose, ugly URL) that not gives you recognition. You can try for free if you can’t spend 5 bucks from pocket then go with free like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc. That’s bad Ummn

So, It’s better to get your own desired domain(.Com) at just 0.99$ from Godaddy. For hosting you can try iPage hosting plan starting 1.99$/M and now you have done.

Congrats, You secured domain and hosting(It’s bit hard decision for you).

Difference between self-hosted vs free alternatives:

(A). In self-hosted, you have authority to choose own desired domain name whereas in free you can’t get a domain like will be your domain).

(B). You have no control over a free blog whereas in self-hosted you can control everything.

(C). In Free blogging platforms like Blogspot, Tumblr or WordPress there is a limit but in a Self-hosted blog, you are free to handle the things that you don’t want easily delete them.  After getting self-hosting blog, you can design or post content that you want that means full freedom.

(D). There is no security in free hosted but in Self-hosted you are responsible.

(E). In free, You can’t monetize your blog or full accessibility whereas in self-hosted you can play with all keys because it’s totally yours. People usually sell ads space on a self-hosted blog but in free you can’t do that so, It’s a loss as a blogger.

Final Touch:

Now, I think you are capable and know brief ideas about How to start a blog in 2018. You can start own self-hosted blog in less than 5$ if you are serious about blogging.

  1. Visit on Godaddy and get your domain today at just 0.99$.
  2. Now, you need a hosting to get your site live which you can get from either iPage or Bluehost. If you buy any hosting plans from Bluehost you will get a free domain.
  3. Log in your hosting Cpanel and install WordPress.
  4. Install free or paid theme from MyThemeShop.
  5. Customize your theme and start posting content on a blog.

That’s all done. Get, Set and Go:

If you need any help Please contact us or comment your thoughts or suggestion.

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  1. Thanks, binod for sharing everything about starting a blog.
    I followed everything based on your explanations. Now, I have a nice looking and wonderful blog.

    Do check it out in your spare time – and would welcome any further features to make it look more awesome.

  2. It’s really useful to the beginners, whoever want to know about this Blog Creation, you are telling the whole story whichever is there in content…It’s Very Nice Blog.

  3. It’s really useful to the beginners, whoever want to know about this Blog Creation, you are telling the whole story whichever is there in content. It’s Very Nice Blog.

  4. Hi Binod,
    Niche selection is an important part before starting a blog. We should choose a niche in which we are passionate about.

    Thanks for sharing a complete guide on how to start a blog and it will be very helpful for beginners. You have well explained how to start a blog as well as some great information related to blogging.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us. Will share.

    • Yes, Niche selection is very first things where new bloggers failed. Before start blogging they should do a research about that relates their passion then enter in blogging.
      Thanks! Glad you liked it.


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