Best 35 Passive Income Ideas to Make Money From Home

There are so many small business Ideas to make passive income online. Here, I am telling you legit Passive income ideas in India That you can start.

If you want a life with freedom without having boring 9-5 jobs then you’re at right place. There are lots of Moneymaking Ideas which you can use to create passive income.

Most people don’t know How to earn Passive Income in India or anywhere you are living. You just need a laptop with internet connection with little effort to put legs on Ice.

Are you ready to work on Passive income ideas?

All these passive income ideas are not a quick rich in overnight game. Some of the business need an investment or hard work that you consistently put to get into. Before starting working on please do research at own or identify the resources you need to require it. I’m just showing you the path which you can follow to work from home.

If you don’t have to start then you can do some part-time jobs and collect that money to invest in the business. Make your own strategies to build a passive income source.

Famous quotes by Warren Buffet “Don’t put all eggs in one basket

After all earning money is good but saving or investing is different. So, don’t just earn money and try to invest in a profitable business or to start a new business from scratch.

Some doubts may arise so, here I’m answering the basic questions to know more then I’ll continue with our main topic. I hope you can understand it and will be beneficial.

What is Passive income?

You can read on Wikipedia about Passive income but I’m explaining in simple words. The term “Passive Income” comes under the finance niche as you have heard already.

This is a type of income which you can earn without doing much work but yeah it needs effort at the beginning which no one can deny. There are some Passive Income Ideas need an upfront money to start or some don’t it but at all, it depends on how much hard work you did to grow or build that. In most cases, you can start it at a low cost when I’m talking online passive income. You don’t need a fixed place or salary it can be done from anywhere. The best thing you can live a laptop lifestyle or earn as much as you want.

Get Paid For Surveys

List of Best 35 passive income ideas:

1. Start a blog:

I already wrote about How to start a blog from scratch. Blogging can be a passive income source if you take it seriously or publish quality content to start making money.

There are numerous ways to earn passive income from a blog. A famous Indian blogger who are earning more than $50K every month from his blog. Check his income report.

It’s is a full-fledged business which you can do along with your 9-5 jobs. When you think potential income is enough to quit the job or do with your jobs and take blogging full time. You need a domain & hosting which you can get at just 1$ from Hostgator.

Honestly, It’s not easy but once you set up and your blogs start getting traffic then you’re all set. You can promote products, services, or apply for Google Adsense to make money.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Truly, Affiliate marketing is the great passive income ideas and the earning potential is no limit. The concept is you have to sell someone else’s product and get a commission.

It is growing like hell and anyone can earn passive income who have the basic knowledge on how to promote products. There are tons of popular affiliate network like JVzoo, Clickbank, Maxbounty, ShareASale etc where you can join free and start promoting to get paid commission on each sale. Most of the people do amazon affiliate and review their products on the blog to drive traffic organically. When traffic starts coming then sales getting started and you literally making money at no cost.

3. Become a Guest Post seller:

Have you ever think the people who post their blog post on sites like, Forbes, Entrepreneur, YourStory, Huffington Post they might charge 500-2000$ for a single link.

Either you can build your own PBN blog or become a guest post seller. The best way to get register on Fiverr where you can sell guest post services or build your own authority sites. If you are a beginner or want to earn quick money then start collecting niche website from the market who owns the blog and offer them a price. You can contact buyer who needs guest posting services from the respective sites at the higher price so that you can earn margin by doing so. You don’t need any money from pocket to start.

4. Crypto-Currency Trading:

One of my favorite passive income source for making money is Crypto trading. You can start to make big profits but there is a risk as well. If you are new in this field and want to jump in Cryptocurrency then you might be in loss. Before start investing and trading in cryptocurrency you need to learn. In this business, you need to have a budget to invest which you can afford and can bear to risk. As you have heard about Bitcoin which is the father of all Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is also known as BTC and an available in a pair for trading with all popular Altcoin like Ripple(XRP), Litecoin(LTC), Ethereum(ETH), Bitcoin cash(BCC) and many more etc. Most Popular exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, and Cryptopia etc. First, you have to register on the exchanges that you would like to start trading then deposit your bitcoin in the wallet and select the coin to buy or hold.

5. Create an online course:

Now, Creating an online course is also passive income ideas if you are good at something. You can write an ebook and record podcast or videos based on your passion.

There are many who have made an insane amount of money by selling his online courses or tutorial. The best place to sell an online course is Teachable and Udemy. They have a large volume of students or instructor to get your content in front of others.

6. Part-time online jobs:

One of the easiest ways to earn online is Work from Home Jobs. You can make money online by completing small tasks like surveys, Click ads, Data entry, Captcha work Etc. If you are searching some Legit online jobs to make money online free which are useful.

     7. Data entry jobs:

If you are looking to make money online without investment then you can do Data entry jobs. This is one of easiest work from home jobs and earns 20000 Rs per month.

In this jobs, you don’t require any degree or prior experience. There are various types of data entry jobs like Transcription, form filling, email processing that you can do.

    8. Paid to click jobs:

There are lots of legit PTC sites where you can join free and earn money by watching 5-20 sec ads to get paid. This is very easy work that you try at home to earn 1000$ per month. In this Beginning, I have started joined these highest paying PTC sites and make some decent money then I came into blogging and affiliate marketing. It’s free to join.

   9. Get paid for opinion:

If you are looking to get paid for your opinion then join these legit online surveys jobs. You just to answer simply asked question based on product or services to try.

You can earn the gift, amazon voucher or withdraw cash in Paypal. Earn 10-40$ for each surveys tasks for 20 minutes. To join Paid Surveys jobs at home and get started.

  10. Captcha Work:

Captcha work is a kind of typing jobs in which you to type an alphanumeric character at a given time interval. Most Captcha sites pay up to 5$ for solving 1000 captchas.

captcha entry jobs

As you can see in right images that are called Captcha which you to type in given as captcha appeared on top of the box. It’s free to join and get started now.

For each captcha, you will give a fixed time to types exactly what you see. As many captchas you can type the more will you earn. For more, Check here High paying Captcha sites. You can easily earn 200$ per month from this side jobs at no cost.

11. Dropshipping Business:

Nowadays, Dropshipping is powerful and profitable business ideas. Dropshipping is a new concept of E-commerce business model where you build a platform to sell.

It’s easy to set up store and import items from Aliexpress using Oberlo and partnership with suppliers (Like Amazon). If you know how to drive traffic on product page using paid or organically then it will be easier for you to make profitable stores. You need to keep experimenting or updating items on your store. The best thing you don’t have any physical product to start. This is hot in my list of Passive income ideas. If you don’t know how to start Dropshipping business you may check here for (Step by Step) guide.

12. Upload videos on Youtube Channel:

earn money from YouTube

If camera fascinates you then youtube can be passive income ideas. You can create a channel and monetize it with Adsense to earn money from YouTube. To become successful you have to upload videos on regular basis to increase subscribers or views then your income will start increasing automatically. You have to stick with a topic on which you are going to upload videos and build a large audience base. No doubt, there is a huge earning potential and be prepared to make over at least 100 videos to a good take off and also promote channel on social media. Put time and effort to produce high-quality content in your videos when someone watched so, they don’t get disappointed.

To know more: How to start a Youtube Channel [A complete guide]

13. Selling ebooks:

If you are seriously looking for Passive Income Ideas then nothing is better than selling self-publishing Ebooks. you can write own EBook and Publish it on Amazon Kindle.

Now, the question is what should write and where to sell?

Under this section, I’ll tell each and everything what are your required?

What is an EBook?

EBook is electronic books or virtual copies which are same as an ordinary book. Just write your ideas or experiences and publish it that will be in digital format. EBook can consist of text, image or both.

How to write?

  • Define your ideas or topic: It is necessary to decide an idea or topic that you want to write on. Ideas come from thinking so, sit relax and start thinking what phrases or sentences that you’d like to put in your EBook. Once you have done then proceed to the next steps.
  • Write an outline: Now, elaborate your ideas and make a clear picture that you are going to include in your EBook. It sucks but you have to write like title, section, subsection etc.
  • Organize the details: After writing outline start writing or collection information that you’d like to put under a section of your EBook.
  • Start writing content: Find the topic and start writing whatever you know first, later you can arrange or give format to your content.
  • Overview and Correction: After completing the writing parts and read the whole document and make sure everything you put are correct. If you found something that is wrong then rewrites again to make everything correct.
  • Add a cover: You can add a cover which is essential for marketing purposes because potential buyers notice it first. If you are good at designing then do it by yourself that can attract people to buy it or either you can hire someone.
  • EBook publishing: If you don’t know where to publish, don’t worry. I know some platform where you can publish own EBook. Example: Instamojo(for Indian), Amazon, eBay, Lulu etc. If you need to know more publishing just type “EBook publishing platform” on Google and you will find your answer.

14. Domain Flipping:

This is hottest and simple passive income Ideas to start domain flipping business. It simple as that buy domain at a lower price and sell at higher price. There are few examples as you can see in the image. Name: “Amal Augustine” who booked a domain after his (Mark Zuckerberg) baby birth.

Facebook approached Amal for the domain name which is short for Maxime Chan Zuckerberg, the name of Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter. 

Read here: His complete story on ScoopWhoop

He said” I registered this domain name when their baby was born last December”

Domain Flipping

He sold this domain to Mark Zuckerberg at just 700$ while he can pay millions for this domain. He is making billion dollars from Facebook. It’s Facebook, after all!

Amal was happy because he has purchased this domain at just 0.99$ and he sells at 700$. There are many such stories who made millions from domain flipping business.

He bought a domain name called for $69 and then sold it for $100,000.

You check more How to make millions trading domain name

It’s risky but high profitable Online business ideas. Do research at own before investing in domaining business. Most of the premium domain is available on

15. Create Deals and Comparison Sites:

Who not love discounts? It’s good to start Coupon, Discounts and product comparison website is Profitable Passive Income Ideas these days. It takes time to rank on Google when traffic starts coming you can use affiliated link to earn a commission.

16. Internet Marketing:

Through Internet marketing, you can earn passive income. There are lots of ways that you can use to making money for yourself or work for clients and help them to grow their businesses. Build your online presence and promote through social media.

The digital marketing capitalization would be 335$ billion by 2020 and its growing rapidly. The number of internet user in India on 2nd position worldwide China is on 1st. So it’s a good time to take advantages and to enter in internet marketing sector.

17. Peer-To-Peer Lending:

This is also a great way to earn passive income but it involves risk as well. In this method, You can become intermediary between a lender and borrower. You can start investing and become a lender on registering over Lendingclub and Prosper.

You just have to provide loans to borrowers who don’t qualify for traditional loans. There are many peer-to-peer lending platforms through which you can start investing and earn a fixed return. You can lend your money with minimum 25$ on and get paid interest with the principal amount. It might be risking so before investing do a proper analysis of borrower profile & starts reinvesting to make passive income.

18. Invest in Dividend Stocks:

Most of the companies issue dividend yielding stock to their shareholders. You can invest in that stocks to get a dividend on regular basis. It is passive income ideas of owning stocks to invest wisely for making money. Before investing you have to do a homework and gather details about companies in which you are going to invest. You can invest in dividend-yielding stocks through (Exchange Traded Fund) ETF.

19. Rent Your Properties:

Renting stuff is old and still passive income ideas in 2018. Nowadays, You can rent anything like Bike, Cars, Land spaces, Laptops, Camera or even Smartphones etc.

Companies like Ola, Uber, Zoomcar where you can easily give Car, Bikes on rent to earn a regular dividend and make money. If you have office spaces in the market area then you can approach a bank, business owners who are looking to start their businesses.

20. Sell images online:

How wonderful if I told you that you can sell your images and earn money online. There are many websites available online where you can submit your images like Popular sites Shutterstock, Fotolia, Istock photo etc. You earn whenever someone purchases your images. Most of the blogger, News website bought images from Stock Photo websites.

21. Network Marketing Or MLM:

Network marketing or MLM(Multi-Level Marketing) business is rising in India because anyone can join with small fees. Once you join then you have to build a team by sponsoring people underneath you. After building a large team you can earn passive income when you team made sales. There are many companies like Amway, Oriflame, IndusViva etc. You can check here For more MLM companies in India to join.

22. Create Online Courses:

If you want real and legit passive Income Ideas I would strongly recommend you to create an online tutorial in Video, audio or Text format. Do you know, Online course selling market would be $230 Billion by 2023. You can see the growth of online teaching.

If you don’t know How to create online courses then read it and teach people anything that you can. The popular platform like Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific, Eliademy etc where you can join free. There are many who became millionaires by selling online courses so, Why not you. Start creating courses based on your expertise or qualification.

23. Freelancing Business:

These days Freelancing business is in trending. There are several services that you can start providing to clients like SEO services, Lead generation, Content writing, Web designing etc. The best things that I like most about freelancing there is no need any qualification. You can start selling any services based on your skills or products. There are some popular freelancing portals where you can sign up as a freelancer and start providing value to clients and charge them as per your services.

These are some Best freelancing sites Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, Odesk etc. You can Join for free and make a professional profile that describes expertise and your skills.

24. Online Tutorial Business:

If you are good enough at any subject then create an app for online tutorials. You can start teaching by yourself or approach like-minded people who are interested in teaching to join your app and promote it. This business is passive income ideas and you can learn from Byjus who has built Billion Dollar online business and Its growing continuously.

25. Sell products on Amazon, eBay or Flipkart:

Most of the known e-commerce portal allows people to become a seller and sell your stuff. You know people love online shopping and you also have purchased from your favorite shopping sites. You can start this business at low cost and High ROI.

Register yourself as a seller on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and start selling. If you are not manufacturing still you can do by finding Hot selling product in your market or make customized products. First, invest your time in researching and preparing items list.

It’s time to Take action:

Now, It’s your turn. Pick any five Passive income ideas from the list and do your homework then start immediately. Don’t waste too much time in thinking but taking action is most important. You can also check here Work from home jobs to know more.

I hope reading this post worth your time. Please do share and if any doubts or question please leave your feedback or comment and I would feel happy to help you. Thanks!

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