What Is SEO and How SEO Works- Basics of Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a basically a technical skill that blogger or webmaster learn or anyone who wants to start a blog. Everyone who relates to digital marketing expertise must possess Search engine optimization. So, if you don’t know What is SEO and How SEO works then don’t worry. Here, I’ll let you know each and everything briefly that you can learn easily.

As you know, Without having knowledge of SEO it’s not possible to rank your blog or blog post in Google or any search engines. Most of the online businesses these days depend on SEO to generate leads or sales. I’m going to share some basic about Search engine Optimization that you need to know. “What is SEO” and “How SEO works

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” That means a technique which Site owners or Webmaster used to optimize website their websites for ranking in search engine. You can say a set of rules that are followed in this process.

This is a way or method to increase productivity to drive traffic organically that helps to generate sales or leads for businesses. There are a lot of things that needs be done in SEO. If you are a beginner or Blogger then you might have heard this term “SEO”.

So, I think you have understood the meaning of “What Is SEO”

Further, We’ll discuss the Types of SEO and How SEO works.

Types of SEO:

Let’s know How many types of SEO exist.

Basically, There are mainly two types of SEO.

  1. On-Page SEO:
  2. Off-Page SEO:

On-page SEO:

These are the activities which generally carried out before publishing page or post on website or blog. That activity is referred to known as On-Page SEO. In On-page SEO primarily focus on Keyword density, Meta tag, Meta description, URL structure, Image Alt attributes etc. If you do these things properly that will help in ranking fast in the search engine. At least Write plagiarism free 2000+ high-quality content.

Off-Page SEO:

The activities which are done after publishing post or page is called Off-page SEO techniques. In this method, there are lots of activities like link building, directory submission, Social bookmarking, Guest posting and many more thing need to be done.

You can also do blog commenting based on your niche site or keywords. Write engaging content so that you could get more share to reach your targeting audiences.

I’ll share all off page SEO technique in the coming post. So stay tuned or subscribe this blog to get notified. This post is only all about basic SEO stuff.

Why is SEO important?

When you have any question or problem that you want to know from someone who knows it might take some time but in google, you get instant solution. Let’s know here Why is SEO important after knowing What is SEO and How SEO works.

Did you know, more than 100 Billion searches happened on Google each month?.

Google process 40,000 searches per second that serve the people to get answers or solutions to their problems. According to a report, 1.2 Trillion search queries processed by Google per year. When you search anything Term or ideas on Google that called “Keyword“. So, your result will show on top in Google using SEO to drive traffic.

Some important points of SEO because:

  • Mostly search engine users click on the top 5 results that shown in SERP. Through SEO you can rank your website or blog to get your potential customer.
  • It helps your sites more user-friendly and gives more visibility.
  • When your blog ranks in top 5 for user searches that make most trustable.
  • Users don’t hesitate to share your post on social media. That means your blogs reach to more eyes and people start clicking your site will increase your CTR.
  • Through SEO you can go ahead of your competitor’s website which is ranking for the same keyword on top results. You get traffic organically without investment.
  • It saves your money on spending ads to promote but it takes time in ranking.
  • You can make more money when people buy products or monetize your traffic using Adsense or any other ad networks by placing their ads on your websites. You get paid when someone clicks on that ad if they are interested.

There are lots of ways you can make money doing proper SEO on your website. Some SEO tools that are also helpful if you use for SEO or analyzing competitors websites.

List of SEO tools:

These are some helpful SEO tools that I personally use:

  1. Keyword Planner:

This a free tools from Google where you can check or find keywords which you are going to write or rank. In this tools, you can easily find on which keyword you should focus which is low competition with good traffic Volume. So, you can do your homework for keyword researching using the keyword planner tool which is free by Google.

2.  Small SEO tools:

This is all in one SEO tools which is totally free. They offer things like checking Plagiarism, backlink, keyword suggestion, grammar, broken link finder and lot more. You can also check more about SmallSEOtools reviews here.

3. Long tail Pro:

This is premium keyword research tools which you can use for finding long tail keywords. It also gives you 7 days free trial. This is one of the best tools that I would recommend if you want keyword researching and learn more visit here.

4. Ahrefs:

I personally use this tools for link building of my niche website. You can do so by having this all in one SEO tools. There are so many features that are very helpful like finding broken links, keyword ranking, traffic report, backlinks etc. To know more about it visit here to read so that you can understand, how exactly it works.

5. SemRushA Perfect tools for Blogging & SEO:

This is highly recommendable SEO tools and the features of SemRush is incredible. With the help of SemRush, you can do SEO audit of your website and analyze of your competitor’s website as well. The best things about SemRush is all you can do from keywords researching to link building for your website.

6. Linkio– SEO Management Tool:

This is all in one SEO tool, especially for link building. It helps to find an exact anchor text based on competitor’s keyword. It is very flexible, automated and easy to use.

Click here to activate Semrush 14 day trial (No credit card required).

Steps for SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

There are lots of things that you need to follow in SEO process. Majorly these are the 4 steps if you follow it then your SEO will be skyrocket and rank faster in SERP.

1. Finding a niche:

Most of the people who not able to find a right niche to start SEO. This is a most important thing that you should consider first to work upon.

Let’s suppose, know your strength in which topic you can write an amazing content like, Health, Technology, Fashion & Lifestyle, political news etc. If you are good at any of these then you can start focusing one niche at a time and produce a killer content.

2. Keyword Research & Analysis:

Next task after finding a niche is preparing a list of keyword based on your niche which you going to target.  To do so you can analysis your competitor’s websites to get some ideas about how is he doing. When you finalize the keyword which has a good amount of Volume and low competition will be easier to rank in the Search engine or SERP(Results).

3. Content writing and development:

You have to write in-depth on what have you decided keyword to focus upon. While you are creating content must include these things in your content for ranking:

Create a Title: Give a good title name including focus keyword. It specifies the title of a web page that is displayed in the search engine results page.

Meta Tags: This is a factor in Google page rank, so keep it there.

Meta description: This is up to 155 character that shown as a snippet in the search result and describes your web page in short. Keep your keyword in the description and appealing words that help in increasing CTR of your web pages.

You can do all by installing Yoast plugin and set everything easily.

Here is an example:

Title & description tags

4. Off-page & On-page SEO: Now, the more important task that is Off Page SEO which you need to do every day to rank your post or web pages to rank in SERP. Off-page means promoting your blog post using blog commenting, Social bookmarking and it needs lots of effort & practices. You have to start building backlinks regularly by creating a guest post, web.2 site submission, Directory submission, posting on classified sites etc.

Technical SEO:

This is very important steps which need to do setup carefully to make SEO game on in right way. If you don’t do correctly then it may harm your websites and all your effort went waste. This is a one-time process after being live blog or websites.

It refers to the process of optimizing your websites that helps in crawling and indexing web pages. This is very necessary steps that search engine can access web pages and interpret easily in search results when someone wants to try to access it.

Domain Specification:

You need to setup website URL that you want to display in the search engine. For example- A domain name by default set WWW which you can set either to Http//www.xyz.co or Http//xyz.com. If you have SSL on your website then it will be shown like Https//www.xyz.com or Https//xyz.com(like my website). To set up like this simple you can do so when you install WordPress at that time you can set up as preferred domain.

Set up permalink:

Permalink is very important for SEO point. You can easily set up your permalink structure by logging in your WordPress dashboard >>Setting >> Permalink then select your permalink as shown in the image below for Good SEO practice permalink structure.

blog permalink

Submit Robots.txt and Sitemap:

Robots.txt is a text file that resides in your web directory through which search engine crawl your pages and add to their index. This is a one-time task.

Sitemap: This is an XML file which consists full information of an individual page or post. After indexing, it is easily discoverable on your which page is live.

Analytics: It is a very useful tool to keep a record of your visitor’s activities which page have traffic is now and to find how many visitors at a time. You can visit Google analytics and signup using your Gmail account. By filling required information of your website then you will get a unique code which you can put in your homepage <body> Code </body>. Now, doing this you are able to see how much traffic on your website.

SEO for everyone:

On the whole, SEO is must who own blogs or webmaster for practicing to optimize and drive traffic organically(free) to generate more sales or leads.

This is basics which you need to understand and by applying all these practices you can get a higher ranking. So, keep practicing and start learning more about SEO to know better this game. Hope you have learned! Keep visiting & Sharing.

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