Top 50 Small Business Ideas With Minimum Investment in India [Online/Offline]

Business Ideas: To start an online small business and an Ideas is most important. Because right business opportunities come from a strong Business Ideas to start any business whether it might be online or Offline. Use the internet wisely to make profits.

If you haven’t started any online businesses yet while living in the Golden Business Era. These are the best 50 Small Online Business Ideas with low/Minimum Investment. The potential of the online business is massively grown in past and it will continue.

Most of the people now trying to start own business but having low funds without a proper Business Ideas they got failed. To start an online Business now becomes easier In India or worldwide. Only things that matter is an idea then anyone can do it, especially if they have some skills. To start an online business is not a big bang theory that you can’t do your business while sitting at home. Only needs passion, time and a small budget.

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Online Business Ideas and stats:

There is no doubt that online business opportunities are growing at double digits rapidly. The number is increasing day by day and year by year. So, you can assume.

A report by Emarketer: There was a 24.8% of online businesses has increased in 2017 and the global sales reached $2.304 Trillion. The most of the sales occur on Mobile which is 58.9% of overall sales. And, the number keeps increasing.

Now, Online businesses chunk the traditional retail business around the world. So, this is the right time to lift your online business ideas to give a shape and make a good profit.

A global retail and e-commerce statics report said that 47.3% of the world population is expected to shop online in 2018. As the number of mobile users and internet reach will increase then obviously the number of online shoppers also will increase. So, endless online business opportunities for you. The more people will use e-commerce portal to purchase new and innovative products to experience better online shopping.

When people shop online they first see the price and customer satisfaction is now playing a major role in the online retail business. If you can provide this then customers would love to shop at your store. So, keep these points as a priority which is customers now looking for. Social media is a more powerful tool for online business.

My goal is to give you solid online business ideas that you can use to grow your business.

List of Top 50 Online Small Business Ideas:

You can start with anyone from listed Business ideas that suits you.

1. Blogging:

This is purely an online business where no big investment required. The most things that need in blogging a passion for writing, sharing, and patience. If you have such things and no greed in mind then it is for you. There are no such technical skills required and don’t know how to start a blog in less than 5$. The best thing that I like the most about blogging you can work when you want no boss pressure, no time bounds. I made this decision in early 2017 and living a happy life as a blogger. Now, Start Blogging

2. Social media consultant:

Nowadays, a lot of big companies like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Motorola, Xiaomi, and Samsung hire an agency to handle their all social media accounts and post engaging content, promote on their behalf. Similarly, the small business owner often does it by yourself.  This is good business opportunities to start an online business as a social media consultant. If you understand responsibility and can build a strategy for social media. Many business owners don’t have time to focus on social media because they have too many works but you can tell them your growth hacking strategy. To get your first clients you must have practical knowledge about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. You can help them to grow their business and will grow your business too.

3. Digital Marketing Agency:

Digital-Marketing agency, Digital-Marketing company

If you have good knowledge about search engine “how it works” and SEO hacks then you can start Digital marketing Agency as well. As a digital marketer, you can help small business owners or startups to build their online business from scratch to sales. You can start a digital marketing agency in 8 simple ways and promote other brands, products, lead generation, PPC, Facebook campaign, online sales etc. This is more profitable online business Ideas in 2018.

4. SEO consultant:

If you know very well how can drive traffic on websites or blogs from Google and other search engines then this is the business you must take a chance. Every skilled SEO people are now doing SEO jobs and making money online.  To start SEO consulting business only you need to be creative and expert in business planning.

5. Business Coach:

To become a successful business coach, you must have a good experience and knowledge to share and help the new aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners to find their success. So, you can start a motivation channel on YouTube or online live training classes where they can learn new skills from you. Best platform to show your skills or expertise are LinkedIn where you can write some notes or quotes to inspire them.

6. Web Designing & Developing:

You can sell and earn a handsome income from web designing & developing skills. The demand for web developers and designers are increasing because when people start any business online then a website must they need. You can easily do that job and design to make a good static or dynamic website for their business. If you have some coding and know some graphic designer then you can list your services on Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer to find clients. Using these medium people are making thousands of dollars per months and you can start too. Put your skills on work for small business owners.

7. Affiliate Marketing:

If you love to speak or write a review about any products with Pros or Cons in creative ways then affiliate marketing is the best option to earn passive income online. A Popular Indian blogger name is Harsh Agrawal who is earning more than 40,000$ per month from his blog ShoutMeLoud. You can check here His February 2018 Income reports. You earn a commission when you sell someone else products, no big bang theory required.

8. Online selling Products:

There are a bunch of sites where you can sell handmade products online by listing as a seller. Big online selling sites in India like eBay, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon where you can list your products and sell easily to make a good profit.

9. Online Teaching:

You can start online teaching business like Byju’s which is now more than $2 Billion in value and know how it all began here. In beginning, register yourself as a tutor on these best 15 tutorial sites for teaching and make money online without investment.

10. Graphic designing:

If you know how to draw and design visual concept using computer software like CorelDraw, Abobe, Photoshop & Illustrator etc. You can start a Graphic designing company or work as a freelancer for small business houses or startups. They pay 10-504 even making a logo. This is the best small online business ideas that you can start.

11. Social influencer:

Build your audience on social media and build a personal brand so that you can reach people or grow your social follower. After building a good number of audience you can help big brands or approach them to promote on social media. You can watch Gary Vee podcast and other popular social media influencers like Amanda CernyJuanpa Zurita who have a huge fan following and earning millions of dollar every year.

12. Network Marketing:

This is a type of networking business where you can add people in a network under you. Either you can associate with companies and develop own products to sell by building networks. There is a very low upfront investment and work in part-time jobs. Most of the know companies like Amway, HerbalifeDigital altitudewealthy affiliates etc when you can join as a network marketer and work as a direct selling agent.

13. Book publishing:

If you are looking best online Business Ideas then I would suggest you start book publishing. To do so you have to write on any topic in which you can explain your ideas or experiences through an ebook. After writing you can list those books on Amazon KindleLuluBlurbScribd etc and list a price tag from 0.99$ – 9.99$ each.

14. Becomer Youtuber:

Becoming a Vlogger and YouTuber is now very trending. As you have seen every social media where you can do live videos and share stories in Videos. So, these are the new ways of marketing people are using videos on social media. If you really like to talk live or make a short stories videos based on your interest then do it now. Create your channel on Youtube and start posting good quality content videos that people could like & share. Later, you can enable monetization when you start getting a good number of views.

15. Domain Flipping:

Flipping means buy at less price and sell at a high price as we do in real estate. Similarly, buy a domain that is most likely and relate to the business that is existed or upcoming. To do so you have good knowledge about business forecasting and keyword analysis. Suppose, “Money” is a keyword which has more than a million searches but when you search this domain on Godaddy then you found this domain is not available. it doesn’t mean domain is not there yes it is but someone already taken so if you want this domain you have to pay a high price while they bought at only 1$. That’s how it works?

16. App Development:

Application developing is another best small business ideas. Every day thousands of Apps launched in Playstore. If you have unique ideas and skills to create own Apps then you should try it. Every online business owners or startups are using website and Apps through which they can reach to build a large customer to provide products or services. You can start creating apps for business houses, vendor or shopkeeper and they’ll pay 200-500$ happily for each. It takes less than 10 hours to complete an App.

17. Content Writing:

If you like writing then you can start content writing business with no investment. You must have good at writing or Proofreading etc then start approaching business owners or magazine portal to make your clients. There are endless opportunities for the writer as an online business are growing the demand of content writers will also increase. You can offer services like:

  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Proofreading
  • Content for website, magazine, corporate houses etc.
  • Newspaper article writing.
  • Book writing.

Start writing and charge them as per market or your skills.

18. Online Photo/Images selling:

If you are a professional photographer or have a passion for photography then this is the right business ideas which you can start with. You can make money online by selling your photo or images by listing on such websites Shutterstock, Flickr, Getty images or through building own portal for images. To start this business all you need to get any DSLR camera with a minimum of 8 megapixels. Take a good picture and sell it.

19. Translator:

Translating is one of the best online business ideas to start if you know more than 2-3 other languages. According to Payscale reports a translator earned an average of 19.53$ per hour. The potential of translating jobs is huge. And the best thing you don’t need any capital to start just make clients and earning depends on the size of works and contracts period. You can find such companies who are looking to hire for translators online.

20. Resume Writing:

To become a resume writer you have to write own resume first. No experience matter if you are good at writing then you can write for people or create a portfolio for them. They pay good money for writing down their personal statements on paper like work experience, good things about that could show incorporate to get hired. You don’t need to pay any fee to start resume writing services for working professional.

21. Financial Advisor:

There are a bunch of people who want to start their business but they don’t know how to invest or where. If you are good at financial strategy then you can help those to grow their businesses with your planning & money management. To get clients you must have a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certificate to show them credible. By doing so they will hire you as a financial planner and money management strategist.

22. Tech support:

If are good at something or possess some skills as a tech whiz that can help small or big companies. You can offer them your expertise or skills to work with and get paid per tasks. It depends upon what types of support you provide and charges them accordingly. Also, you can find such jobs on Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr etc.

23. E-commerce business:

E-commerce business is on fire and becoming a no.1 online business these days. If you have good quality products which are saleable in local market then why not make a website to start selling online. There is no need for a large investment, staff, office, other expense when you can do all from home or anywhere in the world. Only a store required where your products will be available 24/7 and earn a good profit by selling online.

24. Create SAAS products:

As online business growing the demand for SAAS developer also increasing. There are many SAAS products like G-suit, Chatbot, Getresponse, Microsoft office 365 all are SAAS (Software as a service) etc. If you know how to create SAAS products using software and AI then it’s one of the best business Ideas you should start. It requires a small investment and strong marketing strategies & planning. You can work for companies or launch own.

25. Dropshipping:

Dropshipping is a kind of E-commerce business ideas. In Dropshipping, you don’t have any physical products or pay for shipping. You just have to open a store on Shopify and import products from Aliexpress. You need to put effort into marketing that products you listed on the store from Aliexpress on Facebook or Instagram. If a sale made then you make a commission and manufacturers will take care of all the stuff.

List of Top 50 Offline Small Business Ideas:

25. Mobile repairing shop:

This is also good small business ideas that you can start because in India more than 300 million smartphone users by 2017. It is increasing exponentially that means huge business opportunities it is. To start shop you can start with 50,000 Rs and that will give you a huge profit or return in short span. Find a place which is near to your local market.

26. Tiffin/Meal services provider:

If you love cooking or catering then you should start Tiffin/meal services near your area. To start you can easily get your clients by offering them the best cook food services at the workplace or delivering your meal. You can start this business with low investment right from your kitchen. Just prepare a fresh cooked food and supply to small business places or open a counter in that areas. You can also list your services online so that more people can taste your food. Make pamphlets, banner etc to promote your meal services.

27. Event Management/Wedding Planner:

Event management or wedding planning is one of the most profitable business opportunities. If you are good at event & wedding planning then you must start this. Before starting you should think about customer mindset or their budgets so you can provide the best services and get clients easily from friends, family references.

28. Home Tuition/Coaching/Institution:

If you have good knowledge of subjects like Math, Science, Computer or proficient in some other language etc then you could teach students, adults, housewife and charge them per hour basis. This is the right small business ideas you should think of. Later you can expand your teaching or open a coaching center at your locality or places.

29. NGO(Non-Governmental Organization):

If you love socializing and helping people then NGO is also the best small business ideas. Through NGO you can raise funds from Corporate houses and government give subsidy to help people who need it. To help needy people like education, providing shelter for the senior citizen, support to save the environment from population etc.

30. Real Estate consultants:

As a consultant, you are responsible to provide the best property for your clients at the best price. You can contact builder or landlord or help people who are looking for flats, apartments, and land. By doing so you will earn a commission from both sides without any investment. The only thing you have to work hard to find and provide services.

31. Courier services:

Every eCommerce businesses need courier or delivery services even a local people now send their parcel through courier. By providing them Pickup and drop facilities you can charge. Find business who are looking for courier services and tell them your facilities and build long relation. Pitch them a good plan for your services to hire you.

32. Security service provider:

Most of the rich people who hire a bodyguard or Gunman to protect them. To open a security consultant you can hire people who have a muscular or good body to provide them protection and charge as per guard you provide. There are many ways to find clients like Bank, resident welfare association and big companies to offer your services.

33. Travel Agencies or Planning:

There are so many travel agencies available Online or Offline. Nowadays, people are willing to book tickets for their trip right away from Home. You can start providing services to the clients are as an example:

  • Hotel Booking
  • Restaurant booking
  • Visa/Passport services
  • Tour packages
  • Adventureous tour trip

You could offer these services to those who don’t have time but they are interested. To do so you have to find the best deals to offer your clients and include your charges also.

34. Playschool/Baby care/Babysitting:

This is good small business ideas to start at minimum investment from home. If you have spaces where you could accommodate 50-100 babies or children to provide their parents with childcare services. You need a small budget to make investments in Toys, Cribs, and Mattresses etc. You can offer your services to a married working couple because they don’t have time to care or in babysitting. Find such clients and charge them as per their requirements. The demand is very high due to working couples.

35. Laundry services:

To launch laundry services you don’t need to have special skills or training. This is best small business ideas which you can start from home and offer services near your areas. The earning will depends on the location and size to grow. To start you can accept orders either from website or visiting door to door or by a call. Try to provide doorstep facilities and brand your business near you to get more business at an affordable price.

36. Cleaning Services:

This is very easy to start and require no training. Every business, working place or even a small home need manpower to clean including Clothes, floor, products, mattress, sofa etc. You can offer those who need cleaning services and charges as per services they required. You can try these things to target your business including:

  • Offering cheap and best cleaning services.
  • Cleaning offices, shops, restaurants or Malls during the day.
  • Providing housekeeping services to Hotels and people’s home etc.

37. Packaging services:

Most of the small or medium class businesses don’t have departments for packaging. So, it’s the right business opportunities that are calling you to start and providing the manpower and charge as per products packaging. They outsource their jobs to small business to pack their stuff with a timeline at a cheap price.

38. Gardening services:

Rich people who own bungalow or mansion and housing societies which have gardens but they are generally not able to maintain expensive plants, trees, or lawns. You can start providing manpower or gardening services to these people’s place at a nominal cost. You need to invest in gardening equipment or hire manpower to supply them.

39. Caregiving services:

Unwell senior citizens and people admitted in hospitals require a caregiver. The people who have skills and experience in caring are the benchmark that people are looking. There is no doubt you would require some manpower to provide such services. The men or woman who are retired or unemployed who are interested in working as a caregiver you can hire and provide the best caregiving services to people who want a caregiver.

40. Dog walker/Trainer:

There are many places like developed countries or even in the rich family in India who have dogs but they don’t have time to walk their dogs. So, they would prefer to hire someone who can walk and train their dogs. These small business ideas are increasing now in India or the world. Start providing manpower to such people who are looking for someone who can walk and train their dogs because they are busy in 9-5 jobs etc.

41. Massage, Spa & Therapist:

To launch massage, Spa & Therapist business, you required to have licenses which vary from state to state or County to Country. You have to learn or become certified massage & therapist to start your clinic. So, you can join courses if you are a passionate enough and a little investment to buy appropriate oils, products and natural latex mattresses or luxtex massage bed which got health benefit compared to your typical beds.

42. Fitness Trainer:

Everyone is trying to be fit and they pay to hire an expert trainer or dietician who could help them to be fit and fine with a proper diet plan. If you know everything that can help novice and prepare a diet chart to make fitness level up. You can also join some courses and maintain your body first so people start following you and hire you.

43. Personal Chef:

If you know about cooking and making delicious food at home. The people who don’t have time to cook for themselves but they do have money who can make delicious food for them. You can start dietary plans for them and work at their home to cook food. Prepare charts and offer people for your services that they can pay you as well.

44. Laptop Repairing & Selling:

Do you know selling used laptop & repairing is also good small business Ideas? You can buy at cheap price with latest features and higher configuration and sell at a high price. You can find such used laptops on OLX, Quikr, and Craigslist at a normal price. Just buy it and repair it (if you know about hardware devices & software) and sell it to make money. This gives you high returns with low investment. Buying, Refurbishing, and selling is a most profitable business. The market for use laptops is huge.

45. Car Driver:

Being a car driver you can earn huge. For this, you must have a good car that you can rent on a wedding or other auspicious occasions. You can also join Ola, UBer and get paid for driving. People are earning good money by cars or start own Cabs & Taxi rental business with minimum 2-3 cars or offer people to join who already have cars.

46. Interior designing:

Interior design now becomes so fascinating that everyone buys a new house but they know don’t know how to design. You can offer them your services for designing that make him/her spaces to look more elegant. To be an Interior design you need to have certificates to be credible or hire experienced people in your office to do this tasks.

47. Food Truck:

A food truck is also small business ideas that you can start with low investment. You can set up this business in Offline mode while you can promote online to attract local customer near your areas. The thing that this is movable where anyone can order or eat same time at a cheap price. You can also deliver to your customer’s place.

48. Gift, Archies & Wedding Cards shop:

This business is also a most profitable small business Ideas. You can set up your store in the local market and keep some fancy or event gift card based on Valentine’s day, wedding season or other festivals Archies. For sale, you can also make a website to shop online or open a store in any marketplace that suits your budgets.

49. Handicraft- Small business Ideas:

Making handicraft is actually done at a lower price but a fancy showroom or big company sells at a higher price. This is also the best small business ideas with a minimum investment that you can start. Generally, Handicrafts made in rural areas in India when you buy any showroom they charge you a very high price. Why not you start handicraft business by contacting small handicraft maker and sell in the international market under your brands.

50. Hairdressing & Makeup artist:

If you have worked in a salon or have certificates then it’s easy to start. Make a contact list of a makeup artist or hairdresser and launch your business to start providing these services. Hire those artists in your salon and get a license to provide a variety of services like  Hair Coloring, Makeups, Massages and charge them as per market rate.

Final Words:

Before starting any of these small business ideas. Do research and decide the budgets that you afford. Here we have given you the list of top 50 small business ideas[Online/Offline] which require the necessary skills or investment for proper functioning. So, make sure before entering in any business Ideas do your paperwork then enter. If any question or tips you want to ask, Please leave your comment.

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