How To Earn Money From YouTube in 2019 [100% Free]

Do you Want to Earn Money From YouTube in 2019? In this post, We will know each and everything that you need to start a YouTube channel to earning money from it.

I know you want otherwise won’t be here. If I am right and you want to start a YouTube channel then there might be some question raising in your mind as I mentioned below.

How to start a YouTube Channel

Why should you start a channel on YouTube

How can earn money from YouTube Channel

Effective ways to earn from youtube

If the same question is your’s then stay tuned and Read the post till the end.

People love watching videos on YouTube and Oftenly, I think you watch too. Do you know when you watch videos on YouTube people makes money who owned channel?

“According to BBC reportsDaniel Middleton is a richest YouTuber in 2017 who has earned $16.5 million from his channel(DanTDM). Currently, it has more than 20 million subscribers. Evan Fong (VanossGaming) with 23 million subscribers is on 2nd position in this list and he earned $15.5 million.

Now, You can imagine the potential income from YouTube. It’s the right time to start your Youtube channel. As you already know some Popular Indian YouTuber channels like Technical Guruji, BB Ki Vines, CaryMinati who are earning in Crores Rupees every year.

Creating a channel on YouTube is also a Passive Income Ideas especially if you are looking to work from home. Being honest you have to follow a consistent routine for uploading videos and work really hard to create a meaningful engaging content.

If you made a decision to start then follow the small steps and will definitely will you start earning from YouTube. I will not make any promise that you will be rich and become famous overnight. You can follow the simple and effective ways to make income.

Let’s dive into,

Easy & Simple Steps to Start Earning from Youtube:

My first advice would be don’t think about income from the very first day of starting YouTube Channel. In this guide, I will help you from creating a channel, content creation, promotion strategies, video monetization, creative ways to make money etc.

#1. How to Create a YouTube Channel?

Creating a YouTube Channel is very easy. You need a Gmail account if don’t have then create a new Gmail Id which is free. Now, You need to log in your Gmail account and follow the steps by steps process to earn money from YouTube as given below.

Create Youtube Channel

  1. Click on and sign in with your Gmail account.
  2. On top right side click on “Gmail profile Icon” then click here “My Channel“.
  3. A box will open with heading ” Use YouTube as” to give your channel name. Youtube Channel
  4. Fill the required personal information to continue…

You have created your channel name but YouTube creates your Channel links by default which looks ugly. Make sure keep your YouTube channel a custom URL like to get search visibility. You must comply these rules to get Custom YouTube URL

#2. Right Niche Selection for YouTube:

Don’t create a channel just to earn money from YouTube. Before start uploading, videos do research and select the right niche that based on your skills or expertise to entertain your audience. Niche can be anything like Comedy, education, health & fitness, cooking, Tips & Tricks, Vlog(to share personal lifestyle and stories) etc that relates your hobbies and you are passionate about. Take your time and select the right one to make videos.

Here I’m telling you such example who became a successful YouTuber in their niche. So, It can help to Find your YouTube channel niche that describes your skills and expertise.

There are many Home based part time jobs for students if you want to Online work from home. As I said earlier Earning from Youtube is also a kind of passive income ideas.

One of my favorite passive income sources is Blogging & Affiliate marketing. If you don’t know how to start a blog and make passive income from Affiliate marketing. You can also do content writing jobs and earn money online by writing articles.


Image Credit: Flickr

If you love sharing what you do in your daily life like visiting new places, healthy talks, tips & tricks and many more. Most of the people love watching other people’s daily routine, lifestyle, fashion tips, personal experiences, thoughts that can inspire and motivate people so they can follow you. This helps to build loyal viewers and gain large subscriber so that they can learn new things from you. You can record activities and upload to your YoutTube channel on regular basis. It helps in personal branding and a self-confidence.

#Products Unboxing & Reviews, Technical talks:

You can start Tech reviews, Products Unboxing, Technical Talks channel which is now highly profitable niche to earn money from YouTube. Try unboxing and do an honest review to tell people the pros and cons of the products that you are using.


Nowadays, People looking for solutions or clearing doubt about subject or topic what they are studying. If you are good at something that you can explain and help them to solve then you can start a channel in teaching niche. The best ways to make things easier. People will start learning from you and they will subscribe to your channel.


If you have hidden singing talent then don’t waste it. People love listening songs in a new voice that can strike a chord in their hearts. You can be famous and people will appreciate your voice. There are so many examples who became professional singers.

#Fashion, Lifestyle hacks & Beauty tips:

Do you know fashion sense and tell how to put on an ensemble of clothing then this is the right time to start a Youtube Channel. People love fashion stuff to look fabulous and you know it well then you can help people to groom their personality. If you also know some lifestyle hacks and beauty tips which they don’t know then you can start sharing those hacks and tips. In today world everyone wants to be fashionable and looks handsome. Once your channel will start growing and you can enable monetization to earn money from YouTube. Try to share practical stuff and build your brand.

#Cooking Advice:

Cooking videos are getting a lot of views on YouTube. Everyone loves to eat delicious food. Many people don’t know how to cook food to make delicious recipes so you can help with that on your channel and Earn Money from YouTube. If you have a passion for cooking then can guide people in easy steps and build a huge fan base channel.

#Comedy, Vines and Funny Videos:

Nowadays, people love laughing by watching Comedy videos and you can entertain them. You can play Bollywood movie character in videos or do mimicry or movie spoof that goes viral in less time. You have heard or might you have watched videos from BB Ki Vines which is created by Bhuvan Bam. He set a new height of comedy by playing a different character in single videos. He crossed 11 million subscribers in just 3 years. Be creative or upload unique content. Socialblade report he is earning 1-5 crores in a year.

Very few niches that I discussed above & there are many other like Gaming, Fitness, Photography, Sports etc. Choose your niche before starting channel so that you can continue as a hobby or passion for a long time. Never give up and keep posting.

Now, the most important steps make a content and promotion strategy to grow your channel to Earn Money From YouTube. Let’s understand in details to know in easy ways.

3. Content Creation Strategy for Videos:

How do you feel? when your videos go viral. I know it feels out of the world. To make a video viral, you have to make a content strategy to Earn Money From YouTube.

Having a content strategy is very important that helps in promotion. Try to make quality videos which people love to share on social media and content should be worthful.

An example of Viral videos in 2018.

I have seen a video of Priya Prakash Varrier which went viral and crossed 18 million views in a very short time. She is now become a famous celebrity and got a dozen of brand endorsement.  She has now more than 6.3 million followers on Instagram. Priya charges 8-10 lakhs for a post on her Instagram and she recently suits for Munch ad videos which also got 10 million views. There are many such examples to learn for content strategy. Another one is Dabbu Uncle dance video which went viral in 2018.

That’s the power of virality of videos!

4. Enable Monetization with Adsense:

You have learned how to make videos viral on Youtube. Now, the turn comes to Earn money from YouTube Channel. Follow the below guide to enable YouTube Videos monetization. In this section, I will tell you the process to make money from YouTube.

Step 1. To log in your YouTube channel and visit the “My Channel” that already described above. After login, you will see “Video manager” option as shown in the image below.

YouTube Video manager

Step 2: You will see a Navigation Menu and select the “Channel


Step 3: Just Click the “Enable” button in the right of Monetization. See the image down!

Enable Monetization

Step 4: After following the above 3 steps, Next a box will appear for YouTube “Terms & Conditions” box. Just click the boxes as shown in the image below then Click on “I accept” button and continue for next.

Terms of Monetization

Step 5: Now, Monetization has enabled on your channel under the YouTube partnership program. It’s been activated already for monetization.

Monetization enabled

Step 6: Click the Monetization option as you can see in the image above. A new window will open under the Monetization heading which has shown below. You will see an option “How will I be paid” and click on “Associate an Adsense account” to proceed.

Associate Adsense

Step 7: Click the next and you can also read about Adsense by clicking the link.

YouTube Adsense

Step 8: A new window will appear as shown in the figure below. Either you can sign in with your existing Gmail account or Create a new one (If you don’t have).

Adsense sign in

After enabling monetization of YouTube Channel, you must have Adsense to show ads in Videos. Here I’m telling “How to apply for Google Adsense“. So let’s get started.

  • You can apply for Google Adsense to click here and fill the required details.
  • Fill the details in boxes as per asked and submit your Application.
  • You will be asked for a mobile number to receive OTP or leave it(If not required).
  • Now, you have completed submission for Adsense Application.

You have to wait for approval. There are certain criteria if you meet those. Although Google is becoming strict as per their terms and condition. So, make sure don’t try to violate. Google is improving their procedure for Adsense and Lot of rejection is also happening and know how to start a youtube channel and try to make quality videos.

You can also earn money from Youtube without having Adsense. So, don’t be demotivated and there are a lot of ways which you can use to make money from it.

5.  5 Ways to Earn Money From YouTube:

There is no limit to Make Money on YouTube but ideally, there are 5 ways to earn money from YouTube. These are the popular methods that most YouTubers are earning from.

1. Adsense:  One of the easiest and popular methods to earn money from YouTube is Google Adsense. After enabling monetization and getting approval from AdSense. Adsense works on the CPM model where you get paid 1-2$ for 1000 views.

2. Affiliate Marketing: When you have a good amount of subscribers and getting lots of views then you can try to make money from Affiliate marketing. In this, you just have to right product based on your niche and the videos are all about. You can join affiliate network such as ClickBank, Maxbounty, CJ(Formerly known as commission Junction). For every sale, you make a commission that converts into the sale from an affiliate link.

3. Sponsored Videos: This is a kind of affiliate but in this case, an advertiser will contact you for promoting their products and services in your videos. You can collab with brands and charge an amount for making videos. Even companies pay for reviewing or unboxing their products. When you start getting enough views and the subscriber then companies and brands will approach you. On an average, you can charge 5-100k depending on your channel popularity. You can work with big brands as a partner as well.

4. Crowdsourcing: You can provide value to the community and ask people to support by donating money so you can help them and upload videos to motivate them. If your audience starts getting values from you then they will definitely contribute money for supporting your YouTube channel. A good example of crowdsourcing is Wikipedia.

5. Direct Promotion: In this method, you have to take 2-3 times name of their brands in between your videos. They will pay for that kind of promotion and you can charge them as per your number of audience and subscribers.

If you keen to know how much money famous YouTuber are making then see the charts below. You can get a fair idea and to click here to know about small business Ideas.

Youber earning
Source: BusinessToday

Time for action:

If you are looking ways to earn money from YouTube and a passion for making videos then read this guide once again. I know you are lazy but now it’s time to take action and be your own boss. There are many other ways to earn money online that you can check on this blog which already I have published on this topic. Do start now and don’t wait.

I hope you have learned from this guide “How to start a YouTube Channel in 2019“. You can also learn youtube marketing and content creation strategy by following the above-given step. Do let me know if anything I missed and if you liked this article and learned something then please share. Keep supporting, Visiting and reading!

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